Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The Alt right

I want to point out that I can disagree with a man but consider him a friend. I respected and considered Dr Yeagley a dear friend. He clearly loved America and Jesus. He loved the Jewish people. Sadly perhaps in an all too human way hey, his love blinded him to what is the common denominator of all of his loved inclusiven
Reagan opened the door to those Who love America. Those of us who weren't conservative and were serious about the Cold War found a logical home. Who could be in a party with John Kerry and those that celebrated the spread of communism. I joked that the late Ted Weiss was the representative of Managua.

Reagan wasn't about hate. He was the target of hateful rhetoric during the rise of AIDS. These remarks were unfair and devisive on a man who knew and was friendly with gays in his private life. The rhetoric of Act Up set back gay rights years. Any progress came from reasonable conversations between friends at water coolers.

In many ways Trump is more Presidential than Obama. He wants the Israelis to sit with the Palestinians but won't sit with Ted Cruz.
Obama won't call Muslims throwing bombs terrorists. He uses terrorist to describe those opposed to his policies.

The NYT has no issue with Communist and black power extremists supporting Obama. We are told those advocating violence and Jew hatred at OWS are not reflective of the wider group. Racism on the part of many in the Alt right is seen as the ultimate evil unless it is directed at Whites. Sorry but the hypocrisy is just too absurd.

I liked Yeagley the person. He certainly had some mistaken beliefs that I disagreed with publicly and in private. Similarly the Alt right is comprised of a variety of people who are wrong

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