Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Human Failure

The news of a local officer being accused of bribery in Long Island is a sad story. However, in any large group of people there are rouges. Of course in a nation of laws this person will have their day in court. If they are innocent, they will never get their lives back.

Public servants are held to a very high standard. This may sound odd but crimes that have nothing to do with our jobs would get us fired or lose a security clearance. It is a responsibility that goes with the profession. I just hope that no peer ever loses their job over reckless charges that come up in divorce proceedings.

If the officer did solicit bribes or sold the integrity of his office he deserves to be punished. However, this needs to be proven in a court proceeding after a fair defense.


Anonymous said...

It's a shame that many members of Congress do not share a similiar sense of responsibility as a public servant...

Ducky's here said...

Sounds like you have a few skeletons in your closet, Beak.

beakerkin said...




Funny you seem to be fixated on closets. I am above board, but what is this about you and closets.