Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Obama misses the point

Obama as usual fails a basic part of the larger story.

Once again the terrorist is clearly not from an impoverished family. Marxists weave a lie that terrorism is the work of poor desperate people. In fact this terrorist was from a wealthy family. The Weatherman were in fact spoiled rich communists who never knew a single moment of poverty in their lives.

Once again this appears to be a student radicalized by the excessive unchecked political rhetoric in a Western University. Obama as a classic University Marxist has no intention of looking into the hiring practices and course content in higher ed.

Basically, what students are fed is a cartoon version of world history. An example in our own culture would be an American history with no mention of Native Americans or slavery. Colonialism and Cultural Imperialism are not exclusive Western Constructs. However, Marxists create a cartoon version of history where Muslims are perpetual victims and Islam was spread by trade. Religious minorities who lived under Islam are treated as non-people. There is no discussion of non Western slavery.

Obama never seems to address the rights of religious minorities who live in Muslim countries. The boorish Euros never seem to talk about Christians in the Middle East unless it is to promote some Communist hack bashing Israel. Commies never seem to grasp that Psuedostinian Christians emigrate from the PA to Israel.

Moreover any look at Pakistan and India or Israel and its adjacent states shows which states are religiously cleansed. Of course the same University hacks never get around to pointing this out to their Islamic radical tenured hacks. Marxists are practicing a form of entryism that should be familiar to those who were alive in 1979. Despite the lies of Comrade Gassy Sandwich Iranian Communists did work with the religious zealots to create the mess in Iran. For a sad but often humorous look at this the works of VS Naipul deal with this tangentially.

Genuine scholars would have addressed some of these themes. However, what we have in higher ed is academic gulags with political hacks like Ayers, Aptheker and Mental Ward Churchill. Churchill is the example of the Universities concept of a Native American who repeats Marxist rhetoric. The fact he was not a Native American and merely repeating cliches they wanted to hear and had zero real credentials shows what higher ed has devolved into.

We will focus on terrorist lists, but the malady of higher ed will go unmentioned.


Always On Watch said...

Once again this appears to be a student radicalized by the excessive unchecked political rhetoric in a Western University.


Those Islamic centers in Western universities as well as mosques funded by Petro-Islam are turning into a fifth column, in addition to being Islamophilic propaganda centers.

Tragedy101 said...


Don't forget the prisons. Muslims and communists convert the well to do in universities and the abjectly indiscriminate in the prisons.

In fact, it may be the more like prisons universities become, the more susceptible the "inmates" (students/faculty) are to indoctrination.

The indiscriminate parroting of professors is just what commies and Muslims need. When people think, they fear both.