Friday, December 11, 2009

You can't make some of this up part 2

The soulless Communist hack Renegade Eye is upset about Abner Louima. Most of us are not to fond of the indecent either. However, what makes this amazing is the exponent of a system that killed 100,000,000 mostly during peacetime neglects the facts of the case.

1) A crime did occur and the officer who committed this crime was given a harsher sentence than if he had shot a cop.

2) Louima's cousin did in fact assault a cop. He left his cousin to take the consequences for his actions. This does not excuse the actions subsequently even if Louima had been guilty of assaulting the cop which he did not.

3) Louima perjured himself with the famous Giuliani time quote. Louima lied about this detail to gain publicity and money.

The crime that happened was inexcusable, but Justice was swift and severe for the Officer. Louima's cousin got away with assaulting a cop. Louima also got away with perjury for financial gain.

We will point out peasants who were starved to death would have been happy to trade places with Louima. Residents of Gulags also have tons of worse stories about communist brutality that are far worse than the Louima story.

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