Friday, December 04, 2009

Americanism and Royalty

I am not fond of any form of royalty. The essence of Americanism is individualism. The notion of aristocracy is offensive. Even in NYC we run into some old timers who still prattle on about "old money" but this is rare.

Communists basically attempted to usurp the aristocracy by creating a surrogate faith.
Their surrogate faith killed and treated people much worse than the inbred buffoon royals.

The Pagan is onto something larger. Commies talk about Eurocentrism, but in fact are the most Eurocentric clowns on the planet. They talk about letting Third worlders speak so long as they agree with Communism. A perfect example is the mess created by Marxist clowns in the Anglican Church. The only African supporter the European Commies
can rely upon is Desmond Tofu.


The Pagan Temple said...

"I am not fond of any form of royalty. The essence of Americanism is individualism. The notion of aristocracy is offensive."

That's just the thing. It's not about "Americanism". These are sovereign nations we are talking about. It's their countries. They own it. If they don't like the system, let them deal with it. It's really none of our business.

I'm not offended in the least by the royal family. How could they possibly do a worse job of ruling over Europe than the Euro trash ruling it now.

And make no mistake about it, once you look past the surface differences in the parties, that is exactly what it amounts to-"rule". There is very little consent of the governed to speak of, it is all about ruling.

What offends me about the Europeans, more than any member of any royal family could ever come close to doing in their wildest dreams, is the notion that America should become more like them, if not exactly like them, in the way they do things.

To hell with our constitution and our own traditions. To hell with our own national sovereignty. Let's chuck two-hundred thirty three years of independence from Europe and be just like those fucking assholes.

Fuck them. We've already gone down that road so far I sometimes think we've already gone past the point of no return. If it ever gets to the point that we are there for good, I hope we end up with our own monarchy. We will deserve it.

Ducky's here said...

A perfect example is the mess created by Marxist clowns in the Anglican Church.


Beak, there is so much potential entertainment value in having you elaborate on your latest rant that I am sure you won't deny your loyal readers.

Ducky's here said...

Dear Beak,

From time to time I wrote you about the dangers communists present in the arts scene because I know you have juice with the government and are staunchly opposed to any expression of leftists views.

I wish to point out an organization in Brooklyn, Icarus Films, which is clearly a commie front. The have been publishing foreign DVD's filled with left wing filth. Tomorrow they are going to release Guzman's "Battle of Chile" and I was shocked to find out that this film is extremely critical of the patriotic Pinochet regime.

They have also published noted Jewish commie Chantal Akerman's film of Eastern Europe which should have stayed buried.

What can I do to assist you in closing down this communist cesspool?


beakerkin said...

Pinochet left his country a better place than when he got it. I am glad you agree that he was a patriot. Commies tend to group Patriots in places like Katyn.

No doubt it Caracas will be in much worse shape after Chavez is overthrown.

beakerkin said...


I agree with your comments. The ugly
American has been replaced by the obnoxious Euro.

I am an American with a unique tradition and history. I do not want
my country to be like Europe.

Europe is less advance than America in the areas of individual rights and liberty.

beamish said...

And the score is:

Pinochet: 3,197 deaths

Leftism: 200+ million deaths