Monday, December 28, 2009

How much Liberty are we willing to sacrafice

How many of you would be willing to give up full biometrics for a passport. Would you be willing to give a computer 4 biometrics that can be checked by a computer quickly.
Fingerprints, retina scan, height and some non intrusive DNA.

This would be more reliable than name, date of birth and location. There are some non criminal types with non readable finger prints.

Once again we would have to place everyone in the system and it could be used in all sorts of legal ways to aid local law enforcement. We do ask government employees to be fingerprinted so why not for passports.


The Pagan Temple said...

Short answer-hell no!

Always On Watch said...

Good in theory, I suppose.

But will some scammers find a way to use the info for identity theft?

Big Bubba said...

Here's an idea. Let's forget about putting grandma through the scrutiny mill and look closely at people with muslim connections. Some genius observed that not all muslims are terrorists, but, all terrorists are usually muslims.

Political correctness is going to be the death of us.

beamish said...

We should have chips implanted in our foreheads or hands that contain all of this information with 666-bit encryption.

CM said...

I fly in the U.S.A, but never had a desire go outside, accept to cross the border by car to shop in Old Laredo Mexico or Tijuana(sp?) only CDIB card or Birth certificate required last trip, passport will eventually be required!

What I find intrusive is the damn sky high car insurance which is law, and the damn workers at stores that follow people of color around, I can handle taking off my shoes at the Airport. A rule should also be for the foreign men and women who wear those long dresses and head gear to remove them, just like the cowboy would remove his hat out of respect! What would they do if an Indian man wore his War Bonnet or a lady wore her long Buckskin fringed dress? We just know better out of respect to the major public.

Our once peaceful(we thought)universe is getting hostile because of the will to please others instead of reasoning to confront serious issues until after the fact of attacks.

Maybe I should confront that lady clerk who said very loudly "watch those people they are known to steal!" Talk about wanting a scalp, and I still do! Small thing, but I thought it was racist, she could have been discreet. ennit?


beakerkin said...


As usual there are not enough dead Americans to suit your fancy.

Bib Bubba

Great to see you.

I agree that searching grandma is not a great idea. If we searched Muslims and commies that would eliminate 95% of the planets terrorists.

A tool must be more specific as even if searching that group would be impractical. No doubt Ducky would cry about being profiled but historically Communists are exponentially higher more likely to be terrorists.

Once again I must remind everyone that it is a daunting task and the terrorist have to get lucky once.
The sad part is other than Stephen
Schwartz and the CIP one does not
hear terrorism denounced in absolute terms without word games.

In practical terms terrorism harms
Islam itself by creating hostility
in folks who just really don't care how the next person peaceably
worships god.

The Pagan Temple said...

"We should have chips implanted in our foreheads or hands that contain all of this information with 666-bit encryption."