Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Remember What Makes Christmas Special

Although I am not a Christian, I respect the life affirming spirit of the religion. A true Christian serves the poor and needy not for power but as a religious calling. Life is to be treasured and there is no such thing as a caste whom the man upstairs does not judge.

I want to wish those who celebrate Christmas a joyous holiday.

The most important part is to be with family and those close to you. It doesn't really matter what the gift is. The true gift is the memories and the special moments.

I am lucky that the special moments are not few and far between. Life is a journey and I have been on the seas of life. The Tranquil Sea is my home. It is great to sail
in calm waters and enjoy life. Every moment is to be treasured as they are priceless.
A trip to the store or restaurant turns into lifetime memories.

Remember if you can not afford a gift this tough season give a smile. A smile is the best present you can give alot of people.

I am looking for clothes from LL Beamish. Perhaps I will post a Beakerambo version
of A Christmas Carol or butcher a popular Christmas story with my version Gift of the Ducki. We might even do How the Marxist Grinch Stole Christmas.


Always On Watch said...

The most important part is to be with family and those close to you. It doesn't really matter what the gift is. The true gift is the memories and the special moments.

Those lessons have been learned in this house, particularly this year.

We'll have a strange Christmas as compared to others years -- no trips out to visit family and friends.

Last year at this time, Mr. AOW and I couldn't have imagined what this Christmas would be like.

CM said...


That is why your posters respect you, you can say you are not a Christian yet you respect and don't condemn others' beliefs. You seem to live the life of most Americans (Indians included), in that you care and are giving, that is all that is needed to make this a better World!

Sometimes Dreams are wiser than waking! I will always Dream of a Better Tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Happy Hanukkah, Beakerkin!

Brooke said...

Thank you, Beak.

You have a great holiday, too. :)

CM said...


Christmas Eve came in as a Blizzard. I thought it would be nice for once to have snow on Christmas, but Gee wizz! Icy sleet and 50-60 miles wind afterwards it finially snowed the soft stuff. It really was beautiful! Today a friend from Northeast Oklahoma called to check on us, neither one of us took pictures of the Storm, it came so fast and furious and we were all trying to figure out the details and cooking of Christmas, we forgot to take pictures of the Beautiful Historic Storm! We had a good laugh about no pictures and about the goofy wimpy Govenor asking for Federal handouts!!!HE AINT EVEN INDIAN!!!
(you know how yeagley is always saying Indians are always begging for handouts.....)

Christmas Day came in like a Lamb.Sun up was breathtaking with clear blue skies. The whole day with my three kids and Grandchildren all together and a few friends, nineteen seated for Dinner, afterwards PRESENTS GALORE! What a MESS!

Actually it came so fast and furious and left just as fast. We are really a Nation of softies. Governor of Oklahoma declared it Federal disaster, when we were actually enjoying it around S.W. Oklahoma!

Indians are used to bearing a burden, but my first thought was "HOW IN THE HELL DID OUR ANCESTORS MAKE IT THRU THE COLD IN A TEEPEE?"

My sons electricity went out for the whole day on Thursday and he brought the kids and his wife over to my house, of course the kids loved it, so did I, but I think my daughter-In-Law wanted to be in her own home. They don't usually come over until Christmas day for Dinner and presents, but they were here early this year. Needless to say it was different. My one daughter and brothers' houses are just walking distance but their vehicles both got stuck in snow drift trying to come to my house!

This will go down as a Memorable Historic Christmas for us!

Now...relaxing at home all alone..hmmmm...nice!