Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pleasantly amused at lefties misconceptions of the Tea Parties

I am quite frankly amazed at the paranoia and misconception on the far left of just who the tea bag crowd is. The utter exasperation of the far left shows how out of touch they are with real Americanism. This is the one crowd who will not allow Commies to participate or take their cause off message.

1) Tea Baggers are angry at government but not in a way commies grasp. They want a return to American values and individual liberty. They want nothing to do with a nanny

2) There is no room for bigotry at Tea Party events. The closest one gets to this are the birthers who are protesting because they perceive a cover up with Obama's birth certificate. When one goes to a so called Peace protest one will see Jew hatred in open display.

3) The Tea Parties are on message. They do not veer off the topic of government run amok and the lousy cult of personality that Obama has tried to foster.

4) Hostility to Socialism and all forms of communism. A communist who attempted any form of entryism would find this crowd very hostile.

5) Tea Party participants are respectful to law enforcement officers and military vets not named Gomer Kerry. There were zero incidents in Washington DC and the police were helpful.

6) This is not about big name celebrities or no talent University hacks. The Tea party crowd is a cross section of real America. They come from all walks of life and want the government to get back to basics, like improving the economy.

7) Tea Party participants are proud of their country. The last thing they want to do
is emulate the EU.

No doubt commies are quite upset that they can not infiltrate this group. Commies always seek to subvert local movements. However, this time they found one that excludes them and they are flabbergasted.

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