Sunday, December 27, 2009

Liberty vs Security

Many of us are shaken by the recent terrorist scare. No doubt our nation will have more of these episodes as sooner or later one gets through.

As a proud member of a free society we are vulnerable to this sort of criminality. None of us wants to think that our friends and neighbors as terrorists. The Cold War taught us that our enemies lied repeatedly. There were communist spies in the government. We should not make the same errors and allow unfettered access to government radical Muslims or Marxists.

We need to look at security checks more seriously and consider denaturalization for people who advocate terrorism and treason in the USA. Part of us understands the fear that the folks who dealt with the FT Hood terrorist of being called a racist. However, we need to look at the risks posed by allowing no scrutiny at all.

A free society ponders liberty vs security all the time. We must remain vigilant but never allow ourselves to forget individual rights and procedures. It is a tough job and we are lucky many dedicate their careers to this task. We will get hit again, but the cost of never getting hit again would be to burn our individual rights.


beamish said...

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

There is no liberty being given up in searching a passenger and his belongings before giving them admission to an aircraft. Wanna fly without being searched, get your own airplane and fly it yourself.

The Pagan Temple said...

The best way to deal with this would be to simply recognize that unless you are an adult citizen of the US, you have no guaranteed constitutional rights or civil liberties. If you are a US citizen and you step out of line in this way, we are going to come down on your ass like a brick wall.

Step two would be to bomb the dikes of Holland and flood the damn country. Why in the hell are they any better than the Afghans? We bombed the hell out of them when they allowed their country to become a haven for terrorists, so why not do the same for Holland, France, Germany, Belgium, and yes, Britain.

If those fuck ups want to allow those towel head motherfuckers free rein in their countries, fine. But when they start using their countries as a staging ground to launch attacks on the US, we should give them all a good taste of weapons grade napalm and a few well-placed daisy cutters until they beg us to stop.

What, they're white and civilized, and advanced western nations? Boo fucking hoo, cry me a fucking river.

CM said...

Pagan Temple,

You said it best!

Imagine that two days in a row they sneak whatever... and whats up with the damn bathrooms, and who the Hell would stay in that cubicle for over an hour? I say put damn cameras in there, there everywhere else. I'm serious....these foreigners are forcing us to make the rules....they are so dang sensitive about their own bodies and their beliefs in virgins and all that stuff, yet they are willing to kill innocent children and themselves for a piece....DON"T give them peace!


The_Editrix said...

Beamish is right. Flight security has nothing to do with civil liberties. You aren't restricted in any liberties by tight security checks.

I'd advocate Muslim-free flights. Seriously. Air lines could offer them at an added charge and I'm sure a lot of people would be willing to fork out. And before somebody says it: It has nothing to do with civil liberties either. It is a matter of freedom of contract, one of the pillars of the rule of law.

The_Editrix said...

"What, they're white and civilized, and advanced western nations? Boo fucking hoo, cry me a fucking river."

Well, it's not even 80 years ago that the Germans showed all the world of what a "white and civilized, and advanced western nation" was capable, so you're right.

Notabene that Holland (SPECIFICALLY Holland!), France, and Belgium didn't muster up much fighting spirit against Germany. So what can we expect now? Germans are hoping that their Muslim butt-buddies will finish what they were forced to stop - NOTABENE by Americans, in 1945, and Britain... well yes, that's another matter. The Brits always sided with the Muslims, throughout their history for various reasons. Why shouldn't they change that now? They don't seem to twig that it is, this time, not about oil or socking it to the unloved Jews, but about their own survival.

Ducky's here said...

I see the bed wetters are out in force.

The Pagan Temple said...

It's not about bed wetting, Duckster. It's just that I know there are certain people that would like to kill me. I would like to kill them just as much as they do me. Will you be sure and protect my civil rights, Ducky?

Of cooooooouuurrrse you will.

Plus, I have this weird urge that really makes me want to see if a large number of nukes really would turn the Arabian desert into multicolored glass. I think it would be pretty.

Plus, I have this funny mental image of the shadows of millions of ragheads left over in an attitude of prayer, begging Allah to save their sorry asses before their physical forms were vaporized.

So come on, humour me. Give peace a chance. Kill the ragheads.

CM said...

"I see the bed wetters are out in force"!

I see one who preaches passionately, denounces and endulges simultaineously, reminds me somewhat of illeagle eagle!


The Pagan Temple said...

I figure if all of us strive to be as bloodthirsty, murderous, and barbarous as the ignorant ragheaded filth that Ducky cares so much for, then maybe he will learn to be our friend as well.

On a related note, I wonder how many of those Muslim nuclear shadow remains will be seen standing behind shadow forms of what look strangely similar to camels, or goats? And I wonder what a nuclear shadow orgasm looks like.

See, I'm really trying to be friends with Ducky. Come one Ducky, be our bubba. We can be butchers too, I swear we can.

Tragedy101 said...

I have an idea. (Admittedly, it appears stupid on the outset.)

Ponder with me a moment:

What if we allowed all properly licensed citizens/travelers to carry any weapon(s) of choice on all flights?

Proper license would require understanding aerodynamics and the impact of bullets through the skin of the plane, along with testing skill and proficiency with said weapon.

If you were a suicidal terrorist would you risk dying at the hands of some patriotic citizen while still on the tarmac? Perhaps.

If terrorists attempt something, here, the citizens of this great nation should be ready and able to defend themselves, without government intervention.

The government is too controlling, not too lenient.

CM said...

Speaking of bed wetters!

B.E., I mean Ducky reminded me of something:

Maybe the terroist had the explosives in his scrotch or groin area so he could wet it and it would mix with whatever and explode! But the question is why he stayed so long in the bathroom! Soon that could be a NO, NO also, to use the bathroom on a plane that means no drinking coffee or soda or water for maybe 24 hours, which in turn effects the Airport teminal food plazas.....and it goes on and on.....while the terriosts fantacize about the young virgins.