Friday, December 18, 2009

The wacky Duck

The cartoonish Duck is under a false impression that the early relationship between Far left lunatic Idi Amin,sort for Idiot, and the Israelis was due to a desire to destabilize Sudan. As Sudan is an incoherent colonial mishmash that has never been stable this statement shows more about the mania of the Duck.

Amin was a man of the far left. If he had better PR and was not so inherently stupid
he could have been his era's Chavez. Lets see he deported his countries middle class minorities and stole their possessions, aid to terrorists and a maniacal obsession with Israel.

The far left needs to take credit for the crimes of Idi Amin. Even its drug impaired criminal messiah has gone around praising Amin. Lefties are lemming like morons who follow their messiah, so logic and history goes out the window again.

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