Thursday, December 03, 2009

communist obsessions

The Duck once again illustrates my point about communist hypocrisy and obsessions with Jews.

1) Communists lie about who they are. Finkelstein calls himself a Green and does not mention he was a Maoist. He presents himself as an ordinary Jew outraged by Israel's actions

2) There is no such thing as a Palestinian. It a term designated by commies who know the obvious stench of Judenfrei real estate. This argument was created by Commies after the six day war which they provoked.

3) How does one destroy or eliminate a people who have been growing exponentially?

4) Typical communist lies include Israel as an apartheid state. The Arab states are ethnically cleansed states that are almost entirely run by theocratic law.

5) We could discuss boycotts of North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. The first two produce nothing anyone would want to buy except some very over rated cigars. The later is a criminal rouge state that has aided and abetted FARC a communist Narco criminal group. Lets start off with drug dealing kidnappings on a scale exponentially
higher than the Contras were accused of. Columbia has a legal right to invade and depose Chavez.

6) Communists do identify Jews as a nationality on ID documents in their beloved Soviet Union but do a 180 and say you are a mere religion with its own language and 3000 year identity when expedient.

7) Many nations have identical laws to the right of return including Poland, Italy, Taiwan and Nigeria.

8) History does not start in 1948. Islamo Jim Crow and Colonialism have a far longer history than the Western counterparts. Colonialism only becomes evil when practiced by the west.

9) Jews are the indigenous people of Israel. Arabs are colonial invaders with tons of stolen real estate.

10) Islam is in conflict with every major religion. Given time it will find a way to be more inclusive and include scientology and Shintoism.

11) Why do Muslims need to create ethnically cleansed states like Pakistan?

The US should have elected to respond to the ban of Mike Savage in the UK by making a similar ban on the insane comedic prop Harold Pinter whose comments illustrate typical leftist dementia.

I do not favor such bans on people based on their speech. Galloway should be exhibited in Museums as the lowest form of politician on the planet. His new targets include the Iranian people sick of the regime. However, illustrating this idiocy by
banning Pinter based upon his mental illness disguised as political speech would serve an excellent point and likely increase his earnings for subpar work.


Ducky's here said...

7) Many nations have identical laws to the right of return including Poland, Italy, Taiwan and Nigeria.


Does this mean you support Palestinian right of return?

Anonymous said...

The UK has every right to ban MS. He has said things against the Queen, that is forbidden. And he knows it. It is their country, their laws. Just like the side of the road you drive on.

In my house I have banned him, too. He has his freedom of speech, but there are consequences. He often sounds angry, often is mistaken, and continually treats others as inferiors.

You already know my opinion on imigration and open borders.

beakerkin said...


There are no Palestinians. Arabs posses plenty of apartheid ethnically cleansed real estate already. They have a right of return into any Arab land of their choice.

History does not start in 1948 because commies find it convenient.
Jim Crow and Colonialism do not become less odious when practiced by Muslims.

You have nether facts history or logic so repeat whatever slogan comes from the communist playbook.


The UK is off its rocker for banning MS. Sorry but an extension
of this illogic would ban 3/4 of UK University faculty for comments made about America.

I am unfamiliar with any comments by Savage made about the Queen.
However, I am not fond of royalty in general. The concept of aristocracy is an affront to many
people who believe in Americanism of the big table of equals variety, with commies sent to North Korea of course.

The Pagan Temple said...


You're never going to get a straight answer from Ducky or any other leftist about your point as to Islamo Jim Crow, all the ethnically cleansed lands in Arab hands, etc. The only thing they can do is either agree with you, because you're right, or ignore you, or try to divert it to another topic.

I'm surprised you don't like the British royal family. I like them myself, but I wouldn't want something like that here. All nations have their own unique traditions and cultures, and for Britain, the monarchy is a big part of that.

I actually wish they had more real power than they do. In my opinion, Europeans aren't any more cut out for democracy than Arabs and Muslims. What clear cut choices do they have in their elections?

I can pretty much promise you, Michael Savage wasn't banned from the UK for anything he said about the royal family, he was banned for hate speech, probably against Muslims, principally, but also maybe against gays.

Your average European country allows about as much freedom of expression as your average middle school in Lexington Kentucky. The Lexington kids have more when school lets out.

That being said, I don't believe in trying to force American values on other countries, because there will never be another country like us. The only reason they all try to adopt our values to what extent they do is just to stop the brain drain. When all is said and done, European elites might allow their peoples some degree of democracy, but they'll never allow them anything more than a pale copy of liberty.

And without liberty, it's all a waste. European democracy isn't much more advanced than a group of savage bearded camel fuckers gathering outside a filthy mosque while somebody with a scimitar shouts, "all who wants Allah to rule, raise their right hands, all who wants Satan to rule, raise their right hands."

Yeah, technically speaking, that's democracy, but there's not a lot of liberty involved in such a process.

beamish said...

In America, our government gives our socially unproductive population housing and food paid for by taxation of the productive population.

In Britain, they do the same AND put crowns on their heads.

One day, America will introduce Western Civilization to Britain and Europe.

Ducky's here said...

Pagan, you'll get a straight answer. If you think the ethnically cleansed nation state is a Muslim phenomenon then you're an ass.

There's your answer.

Yes sir, freedom of expression. You sit listening to Michael Savage, listen to crap music, crap films and stroll down the supermarket aisle and express yourself by selecting one of 25 varieties of non-fat potato chips. That's what you call choice.

You've given up, enjoy the atrophy.

Anonymous said...

There are laws against speaking against the royalty in the UK. MS has. And if that isn't why he is banned, it should be.

In America freedom of speech is our right and we don't punish it through our laws. That is what sets us apart from the rest of the world. We lead by example.

We don't make laws to prevent people coming here or speaking their minds. We are different.

If you like the laws in the UK, move there, don't bring their rules here.

The Pagan Temple said...


Ethnic cleansing and colonialism, I agree, were not originated by Muslims. They sure as hell turned them both into art forms, though, didn't they?

In Iraq, Saddam Hussein, practiced a form of religious apartheid, where a small minority of Sunnis lorded it over the Shi'ite majority.

At one time Iraq was a part of Chaldea, and was inhabited by Babylonians, Assyrians, and some others? Those people make up less than one percent of the population of Iraq now. Ever wonder where the rest of them went off to? Ever wonder who might have helped them along on their way out.

Thus you have a situation where at least two distinct ethnic groups, representing two of the earliest and most advanced civilizations on the face of the earth, were all but eradicated from the earth, by a group of desert savages who then expropriated their art and cultural advances, and then proceeded to try to take credit for them.

It's the same everywhere they go. It's not just an Arab phenomenon, it's a Muslim one. Why do you think the Serbs hate the Albanians so much? I'll tell you, because the Albanians did the exact same thing, or tried to.

There is no more racist person on the face of the planet, though, than your average Arab Muslim. What do you think is the reason for what is going on in Darfur? There you have Arabs trying to wipe out fellow Muslims, just because of their skin color, and because they want their lands.

Where is the outrage from the Arab world, and from Muslim leaders? Their silence is deafening.

Why is it every time you see a significant number of Muslims, ANYWHERE, there is always a problem? They can't get along with anybody. The minute they become as much as ten percent of the population, there's a problem. When their numbers grow, problems associated with them grow exponentially, and in severity.

Please kindly explain why I should take you seriously when you complain about the Israelis.

Why don't you ask a few people in Arab or Muslim occupied or dominated territories what they think of Muslims? I bet they dislike them intensely, and their reasons for feeling that way about them will all be strikingly similar, from Nigeria to India to Canada to Denmark, and all points in between.

To paraphrase you, Duckster, hatred of Muslims is not, by any stretch of the imagination, an American right-wing phenomenon.

It's a worldwide cultural phenomenon.

(PS-the preceding was brought to you by "FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION", that basic right which Ducky's atrophied brain is no longer capable of exercising, as he has wasted far too much of his mental energy parroting leftist causes and phrases while not sufficiently exercising his brain to discern the truth from politically correct hysteria and propaganda. He then fills the void by watching elitist movies and listening to elitist music, and memorizing all the official reasons why they are so much better than what I might listen to, because that "proves" Ducky's innate superiority, of course)

Mac Coinneach said...

The monarchy in Britain is pretty well finished the moment Mrs. Battenburg kicks it. Which won't come soon enough for me, because they're little more than parasites that exist solely on the fawning of their sycophant subjects. And you can take that from someone that was born a British subject and could be charged under UK sedition laws. One used to go to the Tower for uttering such things, eh what.

Charles and his floozie just visited Canada and it cost us something like $35 million just to have that pair condescend to us for a week. I could think of far better things to do with the money.

I'd use it to write that bunch of useless inbreds out of the Canadian Constitution.