Sunday, November 29, 2009

Communism and morality

Commies live in a fog where their demented death cult faith is immune from its own history, logic and human nature. They imagine that by virtue of their twisted faith that the rest of us are domestic animals. If the actual workers disagree with them it is because they suffer from a false consciousness.

There is nothing Judaic or Christian in this madness. People like Junglemom and TMW serve the poor as their calling from Christ. They do not seek to create Utopia in this world. Genuine religious types build orphanages and hospitals and commies build gulags.

They scream at the top of their lungs about persecution and being harassed for their ideas. However, they conspire and connive to exclude all contrary points of view from their sanctuaries in higher ed. Then when the public objects to their idiocy they cry about intellectual freedom. There is no intellectual freedom in a den of Marxist intellectual crooks. Arthur Schlesinger was a true liberal and he uttered that exact phrase when describing hack academic "Noam Chimpanzee".

Chimpanzee's acolyte Norman Finkola talks about a "Holocaust Industry". He packages himself as an ordinary Jooooo, the son of Holocaust survivors, but leaves out the fact that his mother was a Stalinist and he is a Maoist calling himself "Green". Finkelstein is part of a larger industry that is very lucrative. It is the Communist
populist antisemitism industry. It is a fairly simple racket that ensures you will have a well paid job in a University with no actual scholarship, large speaking fees and huge book advances.

Joel Kovel is part of this game. He pretends to be some sort of "green activist" who writes extensively on anticommunism as a form of mental illness. Thus if one objects
to theft of private property, class genocide and true intellectual freedom one is mentally ill. How this person remained employed in higher ed despite a litany of ignorance is largely due to the Communist Antisemitism Racket.

Now Finky will probably moan that his Maoism is irrelevant to his work. We point out that Communism is a twisted surrogate religion and that he has been perpetuating a form of false packaging on his readers. The funny part is that Marxists will almost
always project their evils onto others.

Marxists are not fit to pass judgment on anyone. Their scholarship and opinions are worthless as their Nazi peers. The difference between Nazism and Communism is that Communism has a history of deception and better PR.

The problem with Communism begins with the rest of us. Many on the left do not make efforts to clear themselves of the Marxist stench. Conservatives mostly play genteel
games with Communists and pay lip service to fighting Communism. Indeed the toughest anticommunist were moderates and traditional liberals. The notable exception was Reagan who invited a big tent of anticommunist foes. Reagan encouraged ex communists
to step into the light.

Sadly George Bush senior made a tragic error when the Soviets fell. We were too busy gloating over the fall of the Soviet Union to grab the intelligence archives and try
domestic traitors. No doubt in the future we will learn the extent of communist espionage and infiltration in the so called Peace Movement.

The problem begins with us. The first step towards taking our country back is ending the genteel games. The time has long since been overdue to confront Marxists with their crimes against humanity.


Ducky's here said...

You're going to handle the Marxists?

You can't even handle Betty Boop over at GayEagle.

Stop the petty braggadocio now, Beak.

Anonymous said...

No person on earth can handle mz. boop but yeagley, its his call....its his home, its his future.


Ducky's here said...

Hmmm, Beak spends most of his time on Finklestein and Kovel as if Beak can't get over the fact that not everyone digs the Zionist scene.

Beak will not be happy until ever single facet of the world's attention is spent on his desire to destroy the Palestinians.

Beak, you need new material. You are so fixated you can't even discuss Communism without drifting into some Kahanist rant.