Sunday, November 01, 2009

NY Times Oped Author Compares Tea Party Crowd To Stalinists

Obviously being sane is not a requirement to write for the Times. One would think the Paper would have more sense than to publish a baseless screed comparing the Tea Party crowd to Stalinists and Birchers.

Oddly, the Times has underplayed the actual Marxism and Black Liberation theology connections in Obama's past.We never had a full discussion of the political past of Obama's crack pot mother Stanley Ann Dunham who was falsely portrayed as a typical product of the Midwest. The media also allowed Obama to skate past a personal relationship with a venemous Marxist racist pastor and a traitorous communist domestic terrorist.

The Tea Party crowd wants to roll back the size of government. The movement wants real conservatism and responsibility. I am not a conservative but recognize what the movement seeks. Is the group angry with Obama and current politics? This is 100% correct, but they are also 100% patriotic unlike Obama and the NYT staff. Obama appears more likely to be familiar with actual Stalinists, Maoists and Trotskyite goons than the Tea Party crowd.


Always On Watch said...

The Tea Parties are filled with Stalinists? How absurd!

I say once again, "We live in surreal times." Inversionism reigns.

beamish said...


Maybe the Times likes the Tea Party movement.

We all know the Times just creamed on itself for Stalin back in the day.