Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I will be visiting with the kids tonight. I am having a hard time explaining to NYC kids that a woodchuck is a furry creature and not a drill accessory. I will have to take the kids to the Bronx Zoo to clarify that mess.

They did ask me if the land of Snow and Beer is a real place. I told them it is more commonly known as the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont. They marvel at the stories of wild animals living with even wilder locals.

I do have to extend an invitation to the Pagan Temple and Commanche Moon to sit for the generic Hot Seat interviews. Waterboarding is pure mischief and reserved for those who are either blights on humanity like the Duck or who just have way too much courage.


Always On Watch said...

Happy Thanksgiving!


CM said...

Mr. Beakerkin,

I read too fast and thought it said "bigot" on humanity I don't know if blight is any better!

Blight: l. any of a number of destructive plant diseases, as meldew, rust, smut, etc. 2. Anything causing such a disease.
3. anything that withers hopes, destroys prospects, or impairs growth. 4. The state of being blighted. cause to decay:blast. 2. to ruin; frustate 3. to suffer blight.

"or those who have too much courage".... made up for the blight! I think!

betty ann will have a field day on Badeagle with this...this will totaly amuse her, she will tear me apart!

Anyway the kids' questions are no different than grown up non-Indian people when it comes to the questions on Native Americans....and yeagley contributes to the sterotype, not helping at all with his holier than thou, knowing nothing about Indians except what he reads! His hero is Columbus!


I am Indian Remember! Little bit different history for us, never forgetting those who came before us, different Tribe, but Indian still!

Indians think of it as a day off work, set aside for family to get together and children playing, fall foilage, and of course eating, going for a walk, eating again, and most of all sharing our food with less fortunate at the Comanche Communty Center in Apache!


Brooke said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Beak. :)

The Merry Widow said...

CM-Without the indians, the pilgrims would have starved. And I think that a day of Thanksgiving is fairly universal...enjoy the day! At least to those who acknowledge that they have a Creator...

Sharing with the less fortunate is part of having a heart of gratitude.

Enjoy the day, one and all!
GOD bless and MARANATHA!