Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Maybe we should rethink some things

In the wake of the Ft Hood massacre, perhaps it is time to rethink military discharges.
The soldier in question did seek to leave the military. His supervisors were monitoring his performance. His peers repeatedly expressed serious concerns in training.

When a tragedy strikes there is a natural tendency to point fingers. I am pointing to a series of policies that need to be looked at.

Part of the problem with his views in training is that many professors in Social Science would agree with many parts of his odd views. There are plenty of psychologists
who are Marxists and agree with the thoughts that suicide bombers are rational.

The question of if Marxists themselves belong in the industry is a serious question that should be addressed. Marxism is a world view that is genocidal and seeks the violent creation of utopia. It has been attempted multiple times and has produced nothing other than dead bodies.

The history of Marxism reveals stealth, deception and treason in multiple instances.
One can have a rational discourse with a libertarian or people within the mainstream. We disagree about specific policies but respect the same tradition.

How does a profession that seeks to judge human behavior admit people whose comic book cartoon minds are beyond normality. The ultimate example of this circus freak logic is Prof Joel Kovel who feigns he is a green. He has written comedy tracts on green issues. However his obsession with anti communism and cartoon rants about Israel make him a poster boy for academic gulags.

This cartoon scholar is a source of embarrassment to his fellow professors. I ran into one of his peers in NYC and rolled my eyes as soon as I heard her say Bard College. I was told that Kovel is an embarrassment and that around twice a week this person hears snide remarks based upon his antics. I did not have to even mention his name and this person knew why I was rolling my eyes. Kovel would pretend he is a victim of a Zionist conspiracy, but his antics have seriously damaged his employer, peers and students. I have had similar encounters with embarrassed Bard students and alumni.

No doubt in an atmosphere filled with Professors who were likely way left the rants of the Ft Hood Killer were likely unspectacular. In fact noting that he is a Pseudostinian the Professors themselves likely rewarded or expected these types of rants. I would be amused if it were later discovered that the class presentation of the suicide bomber rants were off topic. If my subject is Greek History and I present a paper on Woody Woodpecker I should be given an F unless I can draw a link between the two.

Maybe it is just time to rethink many things


Ducky's here said...

Let's see ... we start with a Muslim shooting 50+ people at Ft. Hood and go to a diatribe on Marxism and end up where Beak always ends up, at his identity crisis, with some stuff about Zionism.

Well done, Beak.

CM said...

Comanches celebrated Saturday with the Annual Veterans Day Pow-Wow. Always a great Gathering and they welcome all Nations, all Races are also called up.


I had four Brothers who served. Two in the Air Force, one Army and one in the Marines. My husband and son served in the Army my son is now a Reservist. A slew of nephews and cousins. I don't know of one Comanche Family that does not have family members who served or are now serving.

Indians may not set the world on Fire, but we serve to keep it from happening to America.

I simply hate it when we are sterotyped as Welfare recipients, drunkards or get everything FREE! This is so far from the Truth, We are the very first ever AMERICANS and we are very Patriotic!


beamish said...

What is there to rethink?

Joining the US military is not a job you just up and quit.

He could have filed for "conscientious objector" status, and gotten removed from combat-related duties and deployments (though it's likely his "I believe fighting fellow Islamic terrorists is wrong" politics would have earned him a nice cushy rock-busting stint at Leavenworth).

No, there's nothing to rethink here.

He didn't kill US military personnel because he didn't want to go to war in Afghanistan.

He killed US military personnel because he's an Islamic terrorist.

An Islamic terrorist monitored by the FBI that the military was not warned about.

Tragedy101 said...

I have read many of your posts and I like what I've read, for the most part. Not all your posts, maybe 2.05% here, none elswhere.

A terrible suspicion has overcome me.

Beak, do you belong to a union?

beakerkin said...


This Ft Hood killer was a creation of an academic gulag. His behavior was reported to professors who were Marxists. Rather than note the danger it was dismissed as a politically correct expression.

The last place a Marxist should be employed is in the mental health disciplines. Marxism itself is a mental health and moral character


Native Americans have served with distinction in many branches of government.

Mr B

It is documented he wanted to resign. He should have been shown the door.

Tragedy 101.

I am a Federal Officer and as such a member of a union.

Anonymous said...

This is Tragedy101.

Beak, you are aware of the inherent links between Marxist doctrine and unionism?

Anonymous said...

This is Tragedy101.

I am not accusing you of unwarranted dis-like, but the contrary I am attempting to show an attention to your discussions and an interest to learn.

You are in a much better position than I to observe marxist doctrine firsthand.

I also liked your comparison of your blog to a bar. :)

beamish said...

No, Beak. He should have been shown the courts martial and sent to Leavenworth to serve out the remainder of his enlistment.

beakerkin said...


The union is a needed check on the arbitrary and capricious check of power by government. Unions do not fare well under communism

Always On Watch said...

Even if Hasan had been discharged, he might have launched a lone-wolf jihad at another target.

The Pagan Temple said...

This is true. They only infiltrate unions within democratic countries in order to use them as a subversive means of inciting class warfare.

The best unions, by far, are those run by the Mafia.

Tragedy101 said...

Not even communism fares well under communism.

The union is a necessary check on the check of power by government?

I think I know what you mean...

But Unionism is a form of Marxism. And Unions did not exist prior to the late nineteenth century. Whereas the Government of which you speak has been extant more than a century previous.

Prior to laws forcing Unionism, the government paid individuals as independant contractors. The move to Unionism increased the power of government and stifled freedom of the people.

Wilhelm Weitling and others differed from Karl Marx on one major point that Marx would not give up.

Marx was an armchair philosopher and a megalomaniac.

Weitling believed the proletariat is full of intelligent people who can comprehend, fully, what is said to them. They have dreams, goals and desires; not just wants to be met.

Weitling &Co. believed in communism without the Revolution, without necessarily getting rid of God. What came of these beliefs is Unionism.

Still evil, vile and wrong, but more palatable to a thinking individual.

Ducky's here said...

Beak has the smell of a hypocrite about him.

Also Beak your rant about Marxist professors is delusional.

Let's guess, a university professor once gave Beak a failing grade and Marxism is the only explanation.

beamish said...

Terrorist violators of the Geneva Conventions should be TORTURED for any number of reasons, for information, and because torturing them would be hilarious.

Geneva "prisoner of war" protections for terrorists should be revoked.

If any nation wants to step forth and claim a terrorist as one of their citizens, tell that nation that their "citizen's" actions were an act of war against the United States and that we'd be happy to incinerate their cities with nukes and neutron bombs to ensure none of their citizens ever become unlawful combatants fighting without uniforms and other Geneva violations.

Our dick is biggest of all.

Warren said...

Nostradumbass said:
"Beak has the smell of a hypocrite about him."

You have the smell of shit about you. Check your HEEL!