Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Fixated Duck

The Duck does indeed suffer from Marxist Jooo obsessions. We run an anti Chavez post and he places in a cliche about people who support Israel. The post has nothing to do with Israel or Jews. Chavez is a notorious anti-semite and Venezuelan Jews have been kidnapped and harassed by the government. However, this was not mentioned in the post. The post deals with Chavez aiding Narco terrorist FARC. Columbia is justified in allowing contras on its soil or invading Hugo's crack den. If we had responsible governance ( not Obama the clueless) this would be done.

Communists are a death cult more dogmatic than Al Queda. They depend on forming grand alliances and stealth and deception to spread their twisted rule. On Farmer John's site the Duck advocates using fake photo journalism to spread Stalinism. In the modern era we have Paliwood with fake victims created by Fwench media and Mr Green Helmet posing with already dead kids. While the usual clowns cry about corporate media Marxist employees seem to have free reign to commit fraud. Always remember with commies the ends justify the means and morality is whatever the party line says it is.

There is no such thing as the Palestinian people. It is a Marxist fairy tale created
after the Soviets pushed the Arabs into creating a war in 67. They also promised to send troops and reneged. The marketing slogan of "Judenfrei" real estate had obvious
odious overtones. So commies created the "Pseudostinian Industry". Pseudostinians are whatever Marxists wish them to be because there is no basis in reality. Noted frauds include thugs Arafat and academic hack Said who were Egyptians. Psuedostinians
have no unique history, language or religion and have less basis for nation hood than Indian or African tribes, Texans or Brooklynites. They are said to have a regional accent and on this basis there should be a nation of Brooklyn with Spike Lee as our leader. Did some of you point out that Spike is not from Brooklyn? Well neither were Arafat or Said from Palestine.

Commies get their panies in a knot and say Duhhhhh Begin was born in Poland. Begin was a person who was part of a culture that was indigenous to the region. He practiced a religion and participated in a culture that was clearly indigenous to Israel. The concept of right of return exists in many nations including Taiwan, Poland, Italy and Nigeria. Commies also defined Jew as a nationality in the documents of their sacred Soviet Union. In the infantile minds of Commies Jews are a nationality when convenient and a mere religion when otherwise expedient.

Beamish in 12


Always On Watch said...

Duck does have a way of, um, digressing.

Ducky's here said...

Silly Beak, over at troutsky's you suggest I send food from our neighborhood co-op garden to North Korea.

You know very well that I'd send it to gaze where your Likud buddies are committing similar crimes.

Now toddle along and go give Giuliani a big smooch.

But I give you credit, trying to convince people that the schetl and the mid-East desert produce identical cultures is a stretch but keep trying.

beamish said...

You'll notice Ducky saves his anti-Semitism for blogs run by Jews.

It's because of his leftism.

First he has to say absolutely imbecilic things, so there's no room to question or doubt he's a leftist at all.

Then he'll follow the litany of anti-Semitism from his fellow leftists Marx, Proudhon, Bakunin, Hitler, Stalin, etc. etc. on up to Jimmy Carter and his Socialist comrade that shot up the Holocaust Museum a few months back.

What's the difference between a leftist and an anti-Semite?

The spelling of the words.