Friday, November 06, 2009

Did you expect the Killer to scream Scooby Doo Where Are You

Communists will pretend that the recent serial killing traitors screams of God is great have nothing to do with this crime. The rationale that there are some religious extremists with traitorous inclinations does not compute to people who are traitorous by nature.

If the person in question did not want to go into combat he should have resigned or gone to Leavenworth. The United States has a volunteer army and those who join know the risks.

No doubt this psycho will get a commie lawyer in the Lynne Stewart mode.


Justin said...

I am apalled at the situation at FT. Hood as anyone. Yes, I think this mans deeply felt beliefs had a lot to do with what happened. However Beak, there were so many "Alarm Bells" going off with this individual that his superiors ignored and their non actions regarding this should be called to question.

You said "if he did not want to go into combat he should have resigned or gone to Leavenworth."

He did in fact try to do just that in writing through the chain of command offering to even pay the military back for the training he had received. That fact comes from one of his superiors.

Several of his superiors have commented regarding his statements about the war when it started and his feelings about the war itself. Instead of taking the bull by the horns they blew them off and they even admit he was harrassed because of his faith and his statements. He received more than one bad performance review that were based on his statements and actions.

This individual was a ticking time bomb that his superiors who are mental health professionals simply shrugged off instead of taking action on. They failed themselves to see the issues for what they were. Some of these individuals have even stated that they themselves verbaly derided this individual for his beliefs and feelings.

All of this does not exhonorate this individual for his actions but it does call into question why, if he did indeed put in writing through the chain of command his feelings and begging not to be deployed. Even make restitution for his training. With all his superiors knowing his feelings and beliefs then why was he allowed to continue in the capacity he was in.

There were far to many "ALARM BEllS" going off concerning this individual yet, they were shrugged off by his superiors, superiors who should have seen and known the signals yet, refused to act when they did "WHY?"

As a former Chaplin I saw to many cases where "Commanders" over looked and ignored warning signs concerning individual that led to tragic endings. Yet, we focused on the individual themselves and not enough on those around them who if they had taken action it could have been avoided.

This man will have his day before the Military Justice System and I have no doubt that justice will be served.

Final word Beak, it is a lot easier to get into the service than it is to get out of it. Its not a private sector job where if you dont like what is happening you just submit your resignation and walk off.

This man had very deeply held religious beliefs and in the end because no one wanted to address the warning signs his beliefs took him over the deep end and we have the situation we have today. Unlike you he could not just resign job and walk away

beakerkin said...


I am painfully aware of the imbeciles
they place in management in government. However, when you sign up for the military there are risks involved.

His supervisors were blinded by their
proximity. Mental health professionals view themselves as above ordinary stressors.

beamish said...

The Justice Department is too busy trying to put terrorist interrogators in prison to inform the military that the FBI is monitoring him for terrorism sympathies.

Good thing there is nothing harmful on a military base a terrorism suspect could get ahold of, huh? AT4-CS anti-tank weapon into a busload of school children could only happen in video games, after all, right?

Right? Hello?

I realize it's a leftist's obligation to his ideology to convince as many people as possible that all leftists are imbeciles, but how damned drool cup flooding window licking stupid is Obama? World Championship Competitive Paint Chip Eating Dumb has a new contender.

Hello, Mr. President, there's a clue calling on line one, please pick up.

Justin said...


As you should know I of all people know that when you sign up there are risks that you may be going to war at anytime. Been there done that not a pretty picture.

I was addressing your statement that he should have just resigned which, he did try to do. And the fact that those around him who were aware of the situation did not try to do anything to keep it from going any further. Your right these Mental health professionals seemed to miss the forest for all the trees.

Brooke said...

I'll bet that lawyer will be CAIR funded, too, dammit.

You KNOW that when you sign up for the service you're going to go into combat!

beakerkin said...


In this case someone should get fired. The person was being disciplined and not performing. If he wanted out he should have been shown the door.


Probably through third parties.

The Merry Widow said...

Justin-There is also the "little" problem of PC...when that is in effect, brains shut off beause they do not NEED to think.

IF this man's superiors saw AND wanted to do something, their thinking may have been bound by unspoken codes. THIS is dangerous because if you are afraid to think things through, bad happens as a result!

In this case, 13 dead, 30 wounded and how many more will die as a result of wounds received.

Policy probably has a great deal to do with decisions...and for the military, policy is decided by politicians! So let's not forget the idjits elected by a pc conditioned constituency.
GOD bless and MARANATHA!


The Pagan Temple said...

I'm starting to think maybe the military should be a fourth separate but equal branch of the government, with leaders appointed by the President and confirmed by Congress, but nevertheless as independent as the judiciary.

What would that take, a constitutional amendment? It would be cool to have a military capable or running it's own affairs the way it sees fit without having to answer to a bunch of pc claptrap.

They would still be unable to go to war without congressional approval and the president would still be commander-in-chief, but it would still solve a hell of a lot of these kinds of problems. This guy should have been gone from the military years ago, bottom line. If the military had more independent power over it's own affairs, he would have been, and a lot of other problems would be solved.

I know that's never going to happen, but who knows?

Justin said...

We have civilian leadership for the Military. The Sec. of Defense and all sub secretarys are appointed by the President and confirmed by the senate. It is however not a 4th estate of government and that would be heading for a slippery slope.

The commander and chief ie: President does have the power to send our military into operations but in order to have a full war he must have the consent of the full congress.

We fought a war to gain freedom from not only Governmental tyranny but also the Military tyranny of the British Army that pretty much did as it decided to do in the colonies.

We see in to many third world countries where the military acting as a separate but equal branch of government usurp the duly elected governments.

This biggest problem for any democracy is if the government decides to use its military against its own people in order to impose laws upon a unwilling people.

If the government of the U.S. ever bans private ownership of fire arms then we will be at the mercy of that government and its army.

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect
themselves against tyranny in government.
Thomas Jefferson "

beamish said...


I'd be satisfied with the military taking their oath to protect and defend the Constitution and abide by the UCMJ seriously and arresting Obama as a military officer (Commander-In-Chief) under Articles 99 (cowardice) and 104 (aid and comfort to the enemy) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The case certainly is there with his dithering on Afghanistan and proposal to pay money to the Taliban to bribe them into not fighting.

If found guilty, it's firing squad time.

Hey, I can dream.

The_Editrix said...

The man is not a psycho, Beak. You are still falling for that leftist drivel. Far from it. He is a jihadist.

Here and here.

The Pagan Temple said...


I see what you're saying, but I'm not talking about changing the civilian control of the military format. Under my scenario, the President would still appoint all the civilian and higher ranking military leaders, and they would still have to be confirmed by the Congress, and the same with war situations.

I'm just wondering if they should maybe have that balance of power working in their favor as a means of running their own internal affairs, so for example they can get rid of problem guys like this without having to answer to anybody for it. I'm talking purely about the bureaucratic, internal affairs angle.

Putting Democrats or RINO Republicans in complete control of the military is like going to Jack The Ripper for facial reconstructive surgery.

Civilian leaders of the military, or the major generals, either, would not be lifetime appointees, however, like in the case of the judiciary-which is by the way something else that should probably be brought to an end.

Of course, I agree with you one hundred percent on the necessity of the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms.

Beamish-I think Obama might be following the same pattern Bush did in Iraq with this let's bribe the Taliban scheme. That's what Bush did with a lot of Sunni tribal leaders who had previously fought against us in Iraq. That, as much as the Surge, contributed to the relative stabilization of Iraq.

As for the dithering, somebody ought to remind him about how Afghanistan is the central front in the war on terror, and how that was the legitimate war in response to 9/11. That was his line during the campaign, he seems to have conveniently forgotten that, or to be more precise, Nancy Pelosi and company have shown him the light, if you want to call that light.


Can a person be a jihadist and a psychopath? The terms hardly seem mutually exclusive.