Monday, November 09, 2009

No Easy Answers in Fort Hood

We may never know exactly what happened at Fort Hood. There is a religious dimension to this crime, but it is part of a larger story.

This person was employed by the government in a situation that was adversarial. His supervisors gave him lousy performance appraisals and he was closely supervised. Sometimes, these facts are part of a pattern of harassment that a union rep would describe in great detail. In this particular case if management felt so strongly that his performance was substandard and he wanted to resign it should have happened. The situation likely led to a feeling of helplessness and many of you would turn to God in those circumstances.

Unfortunately, the version of religion this person practiced does not teach turn the other cheek. He was not married and had no close family nearby. It is fairly safe to say that the local Mosque was his home. Author Stephen Schwartz, a Sufi Muslim, describes the religious extremism practiced by the killer. He would not take pictures with female coworkers.

I want to point out that there is no excuse for this man's actions. However, to simply label it terrorism or a disgruntled worker situation misses the mark. In reality it is likely some of both. The person does deserve the death penalty, but do not blame Obama. President Bush did not do much to the idiot that threw grenades at his fellow soldiers.

There is likely a story of religious discrimination at the local level. Unfortunately
I have heard two stories from Jewish soldiers who had to transfer after some episodes that included fights. Do note the soldiers did not chant Am Yisroel Chai and start killing coworkers. Most likely there are other Muslims who endure similar mistreatment but still serve.

I want to point out the real problem of law suit culture and Islam in the work place.
Most large companies have a human resources department. It is usually staffed with Social Science types fed a mixture of Marx, Chomsky and PC.

I will point to a case that I am very familiar with in the private sector. There was a Muslim coworker who had a nasty disposition. He would not sit at a table where people ate pork and was vocal about people eating pork. He called people who lived together without being married pimps and whores. He would make nasty Holocaust jokes aimed at me. The human resources manager told me walk away.

The Cole was blown up on a day we were at work. I was talking with the HR representative when he came to my desk threw my American flag on the ground and yelled "Allah Ahkbar". I glared and was angry and he said "What do you care Beakerkin
there are no Jews in the US Navy".

I was now livid on two levels.

1) I am an American. When my country is attacked I feel it just the same if not greater than the next person.
2) My half brother and sister in law are career Naval Officers.

The HR pro saw a look in my eyes and ordered me to the cafeteria to cool off. My drivers workers heard the exchange and walked off the job. My immediate boss was a Navy Vet and he had to walk off. It would have been easier to get this person off the floor, but PC....

Finally a short Peruvian truck driver had enough. He was around a foot shorter than this coworker and still kicked his tail. "If you don't like America get the %^&*^ out
and let my family in you ^&*^*". The HR person had to call me to get the truck driver off the coworker. When the whole episode was reported I was blamed for this coworker getting beaten up.

Three weeks later he made cattle calls at a very fat 500lbs female coworker. Unlike
the previous case HR was not there to save him. He had been doing this for a while and was told to stop. The woman threw a stapler at his head and beat him so badly it required around 14 stitches. It took around four people to pull her off and she was so angry that she required oxygen. He did finally get fired and blamed the episode on a Jewish conspiracy.

This may sound odd but much of human resources is reaction to lawsuit culture and PC.
Another example was a transexual who wanted the woman's performance standard. Sometimes lawsuit culture creates no win situations.

I want to point out Commies who are very fast to question the loyalty of US Jews will
pretend fake outrage when any discussion of the patriotism of Muslims is discussed.
As the commies themselves have a history rife with treason and deception this is amusing for a second. All Muslims are not traitors. However, to ignore that some should be carefully watched for terrorist ties and potential illegal activity is not realistic.

Beamish in 12


Ducky's here said...

Wow, a stapler and a gaping wound and no lawsuit. Pretty weak, Beak.

Who believes this stuff? Beamish and the GayEagle crowd?

Let me be the first to call foul.

CM said...

It's posssible.

Just look what Gag-eagle says about the Indians, men and women. He gags them, while he talks to the non-Indian about them.
He made a comment once that the Muslim beliefs was close to the Native American belief.

I wanna slap bad...I'd pay for someone to slap I want to do it myself, but I would not!

I know how Beak feels, stiffled but he is civilized

Obama is not to blame. Sounds like something yeagley would claim.

I've been to at least four Indian functions/Gatherings since this tragic massacre and the Indians prayed for the families and survivors, WE ARE PATRIOTIC AND CARING.


The Pagan Temple said...

Hearing stories like this makes me hope to hell they never put a stop to rendition. It would be a fucking pleasure to torture an asshole like that.

What they should have done was lock the Muslim and the transsexual in the same room, fed the transsexual some Spanish fly and given the Muslim a massive dose of Viagra and some Yohimbe Bark. Then they should have filmed the proceedings and made the asshole watch it for hours on end-via YouTube.

Of course, for extra laughs they could have put the trannies panties on his head.

Tell me I wouldn't break these motherfuckers.

beamish said...


The military may be "government employees" but they are not saddled with the exponentially greater inefficiency of being "unionized government employees."

You really can't compare the two beyond the fact that their paychecks come from the government.

That said, the Muslim shitbag that went on a killing spree at Ft. Hood wasn't driven to kill by harassment from superiors or "workplace tensions." He was a Major. His superiors are Colonels and Generals in a very specific chain-of-command. Who among them did he target and kill?


Most "workplace violence" is directed at the persons who made the aggressor feel harrassed or whatever.

This guy killed people for Islam. It did not matter to him who he killed.

beamish said...

I would lay blame on Obama solely for directing the Justice Department to take an adversarial turf war role against the military in seeking to prosecute terrorist interrogators.

The fact that the FBI didn't inform the Army that they had a Muslim terrorist sympathizer under suspicion is just sick.

The sad truth is we all have to be at risk of a Muslim terrorist on a military base getting ahold of weapons and killing people so Obama can retain the level of imbecility required to be undeniably leftist.

beamish said...


All terrorist interrogations should begin with the question "Does this hurt?"

The Pagan Temple said...


That's the cool part of interrogating Muslims. You don't really have to hurt them, and in fact you can probably have loads of fun other ways. Muslims are the only fucking dipshits in the world that will go batshit crazy as a shithouse rat if you just threaten to show them a woman's ankle.

Just imagine what state of mind you can put them in if you threaten to make them eat a ham sandwich, or tell them you are going to fake a picture of them having sex with their own mothers and send it out all over the Arab world if they don't cooperate.

Inflicting actual physical pain on these pieces of shit is almost superfluous, though I grant you that in some of the more extreme cases, that would be loads of fun as well.

Hell, you can even train interrogators to engage in specific specialties, doubtless to great effect especially if assigned to female interrogators-

*Penis-Pointers-And-Laughers At



That's the kind of thing you do to break these morons. Most real terrorists are trained to put up with some degree of physical pain anyway, and even if you find the breaking point eventually, the mental and emotional cruelty aspects are far more effective in their case, precisely because these fuckwits just ain't wrapped that tight.

CM said...

This was said on another site:
Castrate him, cut out his tongue and then let 72 naked virgins walk in front of him....

I say nawwww, if he isn't interested after being a medical Doc and not having women friends after 40 years and maybe even being celibate, then 72 naked virgins won't be a punishment, though cutting off his man thang and cutting out his tongue and allowing him to live in prison might suffice, at least for those who don't believe in the death penalty. I would also add poking out one of his eyeballs and cutting off one ear! Don't forget to paint on his four prison walls him having anamalistic sex with a man and a woman, let him suffer!
Let him take his own life!

With all the people studying this man and even his own wish to leave the military, why didn't he just walk out. Plenty do it and get away with it....this man wanted attention from the WORLD for his cause. He used the United States rules of Freedom....he got it and by staying in the Military he got more of the Media and the Governments' attention. He got Victory.

Our Enemies are laughing and dancing in the mountains and deserts, even here in the streets in front of us because they CAN!


beamish said...

When connecting a car battery to a terrorist's testicles to interrogate him, one must keep in mind one thing:

Red is positive, black is negative.

CM said...

I forgot about them things, cut them off! attach the battery to his big toe.