Monday, November 16, 2009

The Dark Side of the Internet

The internet has changed our way of life and not for the better. Whole industries are being decimated. This is not necessarily a bad thing as the media elite find themselves accountable and under new pressures. The music industry has devolved into niches.

Of course there are many wonderful people I have met on line. However, the flip side is that antisocial types with criminal tendencies can easily target good people and privacy can be invaded.

The internet is here to stay. However, we have to understand that it is a new reality.
Just as TV and radio changed the world so has the internet.


Always On Watch said...

I worry about all the teenagers on the Internet. So many of them take all sorts of risks, and their parents aren't overseeing.

Protect yourself from identity theft. Several ways to do that!

Ducky's here said...

Music has developed into niches? No kidding. Music has been segregated for some time now, Beak.

You get the rap crowd and the metal crowd and the over produced country crowd. All carefully tracked and marketed.

We had a short time back in the day when the music scene in America was pretty healthy. We were all listening to a variety of forms. Radio stations weren't limited to one niche.

You can locate stuff on line but how many really do?

I'm thankful that I live in an urban center that has variety. Yesterday I went to a live performance of Stockhausen's "Mantra for Two Pianos, Percussion and Electronics". It's a demanding piece and very rarely performed.

What is interesting is that the Internet has pretty much increased the segregation of tastes, increased the tribalism. Too bad, but other than pushing more homogeneous product you'd be hard pressed to determine how experience has been expanded for most.

Yeah, Facebook and Twitter are changing the world. Please, bore me later.

CM said...


I know about privacy and criminal activity by posting on another site at one time.

The friend of the administator took offense and posted my maiden name address and such, the administrator did not blink an eyelash, isn't his duty to protect his posters? None of my People even read that site, they know not what goes on there...just me! So my info was in syberspace just to annoy me.

No laws in syberspace....I have nothing to hide really, but it was wrong of the owner to allow this and personal threats also. There are rules that are habitually ignored and makes it hell for interested honest input. This ruins the site, it should be changed to a commentary site by the owner input.

If I continue to read then thats my BAD! But at least the comments could be attributed to the owner only! Not a stand in, for him.