Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Battle Within America

In America we have a problem comprehending that certain ideas are beyond our norms.
We upho;d the right of freedom of religion. No doubt Junglemom or TMW extol the noblest versions of religious faith. In general most religions are compatible with a free and democratic society.

There are some versions of Islam that are not compatible with our traditions. No doubt when Stephen Schwartz of the CIP says he is a Muslim patriot he is being honest. Yet even Schwartz recognizes the inherent danger of some of these movements.

Being a non Christian in a largely Christian society presents challenges. However other that my insistence upon swearing the oath of duty none of my beliefs have been an issue. I may feel awkward at a meeting in a Church or at a holiday party but in the spirit of co-operation I go. I respect the laws of the other communities and the right of people to be different. I could care less that the person next to me eats Halal or lives with someone out of wedlock.

The problem with radical Islam is that it actively seeks theocracy and global hegemony. In order to achieve this goal anything and everything is permitted. In this essence radical Islam is far more similar to Communism than traditional Christianity. The folks at CAIR will feign outrage and parse words. Commies will say McVeigh or Goldstein reflexively.

The views of the Ft Hood killer were well known and reported to the correct authorities. This person sought to be discharged and was being given poor performance evaluations.

When we talk about freedom of religion we are not discussing criminal acts. We must come to grips with understanding Radical Islam is more political and criminal than religious.


Always On Watch said...

The views of the Ft Hood killer were well known and reported to the correct authorities. This person sought to be discharged and was being given poor performance evaluations.

And, subsequent to the above, Hasan was promoted. Why?

Ducky's here said...

Beak, ren has an excellent article on the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin wall.

Drop over and widen your horizins.

Anonymous said...

My opinion is freedom of religion is best described in the Charter of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations July 15, 1663.

As contained in the second paragraph.

Freedom of religion as long as it "does not actually disturb the civil peace".

Ducky's here said...

Beak, I did a scan and it seems you haven't been posting at Gay Eagle for a while. Keep it up, even Betty Boop has quit. The place is a gost town.

CM said...

SHE'S BAAAAAACK............she's been there all along under other names...she does that you know..her game!

She has to be dirty....betty ann, can't take the cover very long.


The Merry Widow said...

I'm complimented, Beaker. But I know how far I fall from "The Mark"...I can be a not very nice person on occassion.

Paul states that we are to obey the civil authorities, in as much as they follow the path of GOD. BUT, if it comes to the point of civil disobedience, it had better be on the side of righteousness and justice.

Killing, just to kill is sin. in fact, in Matthew 5-7, the motives of the heart are the basis for righteousness or sin. So, being wrongly angry is equivalent to murder.

The Ft. Hood terrorist nursed anger and a sense of entitlement in his heart...the result was murder.

mohammadins have been taught that they are superior, and the way this country has gone pc, they are getting away with it! It IS being reinforced by the government and society!

Besides, mohammadism IS a geopolitical and tribal movement and cult. It really has NO PLACE in civlized society.
GOD bless and MARANATHA!

And no, they do not worship the same GOD that Christians do!