Monday, November 23, 2009

The Giants Suck and other news

The Giants suck and their vaunted pass rush has been bad. They need to get help at safety, linebacker and replace some of the linemen. In essence the entire NFC East stinks and some of it is injuries. They did bring in some young talent like Sintim and Beatty. Unfortunately, they need to get them some playing time. The injury to Kenny Phillips hurt them big time and it looks like a career ender. The only good news is that Boley looks real.

Can we now say break up the Lions and Kansas City?

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beamish said...

Now that it's taken Bulger to break his leg and be out for the season for Rams "coach" Spaghetti-O (his title is "coach," though I'd be skeptical of his ability to coach a cheerleading routine) to put Boller in the game, maybe we'll win a few more games this season.

2009 Rams - the worst grouping of slouches to ever be mistakenly called a "football team."