Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pseudostinians myths

The locals in Gaza have decided to stop firing rockets into Israel for now. The rockets were of very limited utility even in terrorist terms. They were an annoyance that brought more hardship upon the Pseudostinians than the Israelis.

If the truth be known were it not for hysterical communist idiocy the situation of the folks in Gaza would have been solved long ago. First of all any complaints about the lives of the folks in Gaza as compared to ordinary folks in North Korea, Zimbabwe or Cuba shows this to be a farce.

The folks in Gaza need jobs and responsible governance. All of the aid is making matters worse and adding to the corruption.

The problem in Gaza is very simple. The folks there are Egyptian and they need to be returned to Egyptian rule. The game of creating a lie to further a political agenda needs to stop. The notion that Palestinians are anything other than ordinary Arabs was a Marxist invention after the Six Day War. Judenfrie real estate had obvious odious stench so commies created a Myth and Arabs just repeated it.

Let Gaza go back to Egyptian rule. Let Israel and Jordan make a distinct deal on the West Bank and the problems are solved.

There can be peace in the region once the myth of a fake ethnicity and the real history of the region is dealt with. The history of Arab colonialism and mistreatment of religious minorities has to be acknowledged.

Waiting for responsible leadership from a people who are basically human hockey pucks slapped around by commies to stoke populist anti semitism and by Jihadists as symbols is not realistic.

End the myths and Peace is possible.


Anonymous said...

"All of the aid is making matters worse and adding to the corruption."

That's what I think about New York.

"The game of creating a lie to further a political agenda needs to stop."

That's what I think about Washington D.C.

"Waiting for responsible leadership from a people who are basically ... hockey pucks ... is not realistic."

And we're back to what I think about New York.

beakerkin said...


NYC pays more in taxes than itgets back in returns. This is opposed to Vermont and some of the small states that get back more than a dollar for every one it sends to DC.

There is no such thing as a Palestinian. There are plenty of New Yorkers. New York City residents actually have a superior claim to nation status than Palestinians.

beamish said...

As we know from the sub-intellectual screeds of Karl Marx, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Mikhail Bakunin, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Jimmy Carter, and other left-wing heroes, no "solution" that excludes the complete extermination of Jews from the face of the Earth wherever they are is going to ever satisfy the left.

The Pagan Temple said...

The real problem is the UN. The communists might have got the ball rolling, but the UN is the one who keeps making it worse. They don't want to solve it, the sons of bitches. They need to get the fuck out of the way. Somebody needs to get them out of the way. I can't wait to get back to the days when we are once again refusing to pay one red cent in UN dues. We should be charging those bastards rent, and I mean we should be charging through the nose. Every time a UN diplomat so much as litters he or she should get substantial jail time. Run their fucking asses out of here.

Somebody needs to remind them that allowing your thugs to rape young girls among the people you're pretending to help isn't the way to win friends and influence people. Everybody else needs to see that insisting Israel, or any other country, hold itself down to a "proportional response" when attacked is a tactic that is purposely guaranteed to make sure this problem is never solved.

Instead, member nations fork over money to the UN, some of which gets funneled for aid, but a great lot of which ends up in other people's pockets-favored contractors, regulators, UN members themselves, or their family and friends, everybody but the actual people that need the assistance, every one of whom might get on average a dime for every ten thousand dollars send to the thugs that are supposed to govern them.

Beating the communists over this, while it might be justified, is like beating a dead horse. Concentrate on the UN and you are attacking the present day root of the problem, along with the EU and other western liberal left leaning elitists, a very small percentage of whom are actual socialists or communists.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

You are correct.


When we talk of the EU we are essentially talking about foreign policy run by Marxist hacks. They need to govern their own affairs.

The Marxist left as done in the EU is basically we throw the Muslims some social welfare programs and say Bad Jooooo er Israel. The influence of Marxists in places like the Anglican church, Universities and European News media is systematic.

Psuedosinianism is a game designed to make populist anti semitic alliances. Fact a genuine Nazi who is quoted on Stormfront is indistinguishable from the rest of the far left antisemites.

Even people as diverse as laborite Jams, Sonia Belle and conservative
Craig Bardo notice the stench. Ren, Troutsky and the other commies retain links.

beakerkin said...

Not surprisingly Ren's favorite Nazi is running an Anne Frank as a tool of Psuedostinian Propaganda. Then again Commies invent fake shootings
like Mohammad Al Dura as a blood libel and make some sick claims about Anne Frank.

Anne Frank was a real person. The diary has been scientifically validated. Of course Ren and his Nazi cohort will claim no responsability for Holocaust Denial that appears in the comments.

This is a typical commie game.

The Pagan Temple said...

Did you hear about how somebody discovered an old film with her in it looking out a window? It was positively identified as her, I guess from the building and neighborhood, and the part of the building where she was looking out the window. She was watching a parade of something, I forgot what. They run it on the news. I just thought that was interesting.

beakerkin said...

I will have to look that up.

In general I want to point to the difference between an honest man of the left Jams ODonnel and Ren. Jams honestly wants peace and is sincere.He is the first to admit the terrorism is inexcusable and would not hesitate to describe people who try and denigrate the Holocaust or any other form of genocide evil. For a decent man like Jams any discussion of Anne Frank being a hoax or a tool of zionists is unthinkable.

Ren has endorsed the vilest forms of antisemitism. He has knowingly suppored the world's foremost anti semite Maoist Prof Norman Finkelstein. His site has a collection of some of the most anti
semitic commenters on the planet.

Unlike Ren when I disagree with a comment I make my position known. I do not support Obama, but it is on policies not skin color. My view of law is different than most of my readers.

On this blog you will see many things. My friends differ on many things. However, the notion that any American is less than equal because of race or nationality is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

The ex-commie, now jihadi, Muslim Brotherhood is what's preventing Gaza from EVER being returned to Egyptian rule. After all, what Egyptian nationalist in his right mind would want to annex a territory filled with armed extremist who seek control of your country to serve as a launching pad for international jihad and a uniting of the Islamic Ummah (Be it of the PLO/Sunni or Hezbollah/Shi'a variety)?

The Pagan Temple said...

I'm surprised you didn't know about that Anne Frank film. I remember reading something once to the effect that her diary was made up by somebody else. I never heard anybody say anything to the effect that she herself didn't exist, or wasn't killed in the Holocaust, there was just some question concerning the legitimacy of the diary. I didn't really think that much about it, other than wondering what would be the point of making up a diary in the name of a young girl. I never really made note of who was behind the charges, or what the reason behind them were.

The film might be posted on YouTube. It's nothing out of the ordinary, at first glance, just a scene of some kind of block party, or parade of some sort, if I remember right, a short film where she is at one brief point shown looking out a window.