Saturday, November 14, 2009

Left unsaid Left out left behind

My country does not accept second class citizens of any kind. However, with the atmosphere of political correctness we have lost our COLLECTIVE minds. Years of fiction about alleged persecution of Communists has devolved into a political morass that infects our military and government.

Americans have the right to disagree with whatever policy they wish. However, these disagreements should not interfere with the ability to do your job. Yet we need to look into the case of Commie traitor Anna Montes for a look on political views and suitability for office.

Like the Fort Hood Killer she was quite outspoken in her views against American foreign policy. This is not of concern if she works in a hospital. However, these views should be serious danger signs when it is someone engaged in a National security situation. She could have been moved to less sensitive work, but a culture of PC allowed her to go unnoticed for years.

This is not to say Muslims should not serve in the military. However, when Abdul starts praising suicide bombers and starts off anti American rants it is time for a career change.

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