Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beakerkin Announces a New Type of Interview

Previously we had a format called the Hot Seat with Beakerkin. It really wasn't very hot and the questions were thoughtful. In the spirit of Gitmo we are doing a new feature WATER BOARDING

Waterboarding is a pop culture interview reserved for the evil. It can be 25 questions
on any part of Popular culture from the food we eat, to the TV shows we watch and Professional Sports.

I want to disagree with an Israeli official who sees an Al Queda type attack on the USA as imminent. Even blood crazed loonies understand that Obama is doing everything they wish. An attack would do two things. It would force Obama to react in some fashion and boost his popularity short term.

If there is an attack it will likely be small done by folks who are sympathetic to Al Queda. Logical targets would be public transportation, shopping malls, Jewish houses of worship or schools and Casinos.

A bad economy and jihad are a very lethal combo


Brooke said...

I think I like this concept.

Always On Watch said...

It would...boost his popularity short term.

Not during KSM's trial, IMO.