Monday, October 28, 2013

Grand Re-opening

My new and improved office will be officially open for business today. The response during down time was overwhelming and I received plenty of visits to the space. Every item that is on display was there but most were off display. In creating the new space the point of why have memorabilia if it can not be enjoyed.

I am working with the back wall. I was looking for a jungle landscape from Guyana or just an outstanding piece of Guyanese art. My efforts to find this have not been successful. On my next trip to Guyana I will try and find some local artist and place something Guyanese there. I am still looking at Nighthawks or prints of Dixville Notch or Smugglers Notch.

Oddly, I can not locate any prints of the classic Catskill Hotels. A nice painting or print of the Concord or Grossingers would have been perfect. The big classic Hotel period is gone save for Kutshers and I am one of the last who both worked and stayed in those grand hotels.

The top boss really loves the space. She visited and could not believe the effect. The smell of the office is controlled by air fresheners located in strategic places.

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