Friday, October 18, 2013

Mass Stupidity and media malfeasence

The media loves to hype the one or two stupid guys in a Tea Party crowd. One nut says Obama put down the Koran and another brings a Confederate flag and the entire TEA party movement is racist. Funny, but we regularly see the Obama approved OWS carry Soviet Flags, engage in mass acts of crime and engage in rhetoric clearly aimed at Jews that would come right out of 1940's Nazi rallies and engage in active terrorist plots and the media spins the opposite story.

The fact remains that the Obama administration has used the IRS to target political opponents in  direct violation of the law. The actions of Lois Lerner and others are typical of the huge ethical lapses that exceed anything imagined by Richard Nixon.

Those on the left like to lecture us about the first amendment when they attend communist led and organized 
protests against GOP administrations. Move On  hysterically has called the actions of the GOP treasonous and has called for arrests. These calls are at the heart of the leftist tendency towards fascism and ethical lapses that are at the center of the moral and mental rot required to be a leftist.

The media portrays the TEA party as a bunch of unhinged lunatics. Funny, but I don't know of any TEA party members who have multiple name changes and have spouses that change sexual orientation on call. I don't recall Tea Party members honeymooning in Cuba and participating in Revolutionary Tourism on the dime of hostile foreign governments. I don't recall Warren Wilhelm, Bill Di Blassio or whatever he calls himself showing any concern for Indians abused by his Sandinista friends. I don't recall any TEA Party people  who have photographs where they look like Chia pets on LSD with head injuries.
 The people in the TEA Party unlike Barak Obama have been gainfully employed on real jobs. None of the ones I met attended elite Prep schools and universities based on combinations of family ties and affirmative action programs. The ones I know don't vacation in Martha's Vineyard waxing about the price of Arugula at Whole Foods or rush off to endless golf games.

Of course the media elite lecture us about the alleged racism of the TEA Party but I recall a guy talking about 9-9-9 leading the polls. Cain unlike Obama has been gainfully employed and has lived in Black neighborhoods The media suddenly discovered sexual harassment might be an issue, unless your name is Clinton. The evidence against Cain was weak compared to mountains of evidence against Clinton. You can even get voted into office when you drive off a bridge in a drunken stupor and a woman dies if the media elite protect you.

Millions are underemployed or uemployed as a direct consequence of Obamacare. The administration and media have condoned the abuse of political opponents of the Obama policies in direct violation of the laws of the United States.At a certain point even the dumbest grasp they are paying more for health care and receive less. The service in my doctors office was excellent and now it is replaced by wonderfully efficient DMV or
IRS agents dressed up like Spock line dancing. Those of us who have had real lives and have been gainfully 
employed ( unlike Obama, Di Blassio, Wiener or Bill Clinton) are familiar with the customer service found at the DMV, IRS or Social Security office. 

Now on top of all this other misery Obama wants to legalize people who knowingly violated the immigration laws of the United States. They can join the rest of us in the never ending search for jobs that don't exist and ger on line at doctors office while political hacks line dance and feign they are overworked.

Remember the words of John Paul Jones. Unlike lefties the rest of us do not engage in criminal acts so the Obama minions at federal agencies can feel free to violate our rights, violate the laws of the USA and make a mockery out of the concept of Public Service.


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