Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Religion on Others Dime

Being Frum means you are really financially ignorant. You send your kids to private schools you can't afford.
When they complete their studies they go to Israel for two years to study religion while their parents mooch off other relatives.

In essence not only has my brothers wife failed to work for two decades. This religious sloth is draining my inheritance because these clowns mooch from my parents.

Instead of grasping that her sloth is impacting me I get reminded I was unemployed for a stretch 12 years ago. That was almost ten years ago. I also did not dip into other peoples pockets or possessions. Being frum means you can claim fake moral high ground for your failings and abnormal behavior.

Essentially, this deranged lifestyle of sloth is at my expense and there is no grasp that this entitlement is wrong.For my brother taking another car after this is a divine right,

Of course my brothers wife states that if I hate her I shouldn't take it out on my brother. Her sloth has hit me in the pocket on multiple levels and my brother has condoned it and made no effort to be financially responsible.


Duckys here said...

Isn't it partially your fault for indulging them?

Change the locks and tell them they aren't welcome till some changes are made.
Set down some rules.

LanceThruster said...

All religion is on anothers' dime.

If you want a business that pays no taxes and delivers no product...start a religion! ~ Bill Maher

beakerkin said...

So says the Maytag repairman of USC.