Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Be a nice guy

Many times it is the little things we do that make a difference in lives. I was working with a person with terminal illness. The doctor gave him about three months. I pondered why he was in my office. He said I invested thirteen years in this and the finish line is near. I made the experience light and sunny. His sister thanked me and said officer this is the first time he has laughed in months. 

The thing is that we aren't laughing at someone. We are laughing together at related experiences. My boss heard the exchange and stated it was memorable. We did everything in our power to make his experience positive.

At the end of the interview the applicant thanked me. My boss and the attorney said that was a truly memorable experience. I reminded them that sometimes we are lucky to get a great supporting role in a larger play.  The secret is that sometimes the public servant should thank the applicant for sharing special moments in their lives.

Understanding how to make those moments special is good public service. 

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