Saturday, October 26, 2013

Odds and ends

While I was out my office was the subject of a makeover. Other then the addition of small American flags every item in the office was there. Most were not visible to the public. The memorabilia was off display
for a while. The office is now known as the best in the area. The sound system is superior and one can enter off hours and just relax to the sounds of early 60's surf instrumentals.

I am looking at the far wall as the last part of the project. That section will hold a historical painting and two smaller landscapes one of Guyana and the other of the Catskills or Western Maine. The Vegan has been very helpful and narrowed the list of paintings. The reaction to Christina's World and The Death of General Wolfe in that space was very negative. 

The reaction to the new office is one of shock. My former boss noticed in 30 seconds. I got visitors from all over the unit and upper management. The cleaning person was caught sitting in my chair just to enjoy the space. What purpose is having memorabilia if it is stored in boxes and drawers. None of it is worth more then $70.00

In essence removing clutter was essential. Broken office equipment isn't going to fix itself. I also don.t like changing equipment. I kept my old keyboard, monitor and printer until IT changed them while I was away. The scanning gun was uniquely programmed to my needs. In fact now this programming is available to   all
that ask for it and can be done in as little as 15 minutes. I created the improvements by tinkering with the code books. 

The office has two air fresheners working in key locations. Someday I will find one that smells like hemlock forests instead of the non floral or lavender varieties. 

On a different note the Tranquil Sea has called many friends asking for a meeting. As these requests are frequent and annoying, I acceded to them. It will be a full family meeting. My position is unchanged, but I suppose a face to face meeting is not unreasonable. In my case I walked out and did not return or call. I did remain in regular contact with my daughter and met whatever obligations were required. When I visit the visits are around 30 minutes.

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