Sunday, October 20, 2013

Final Rant

Getting rid of a sibling is a serious choice. It is a choice I understand and have done with malice and no regrets. Those who know the parties in question need to understand this has been building for a while and the last straw was my car.

My brother is a loser and a disgrace on all levels. He is a whimp who hides behind his faith and his wife's uselessness to mooch off others. He was not born a loser and incompetent but has gone through great lengths to become so. He lives in a fantasy world that is as real as dungeons and dragons. Rabbis that engage in criminal activities are victims. My moron son will become an actuary. My lazy wife is perfectly fine. I look at him and am embarrassed at his cultural retardation. He might read a book if it had pictures and beyond religious texts is a functional illiterate. 

My sister in law is a low life moron. Her fake pious act is an excuse to get out of working for a living. She might observe the faith, but it is only as a crutch to avoid gainful employment. I have more respect for crack addict hookers who at least earn a living then her. She has not been employed in 25 years Baruch Hashem and has raised two messed up useless kids. My parents except all kinds of excuses claiming she can not work. She can't work, because she doesn't want to work. Why should she when she can live the life of a Frummie Ghetto Hoochie. She has time management issues and a rotten personality. A cell phone is always attached to her ear. Long term planning is impossible for someone who has an Olympic Gold Medal in uselessness. Six weeks to buy a plane ticket. Watching her do mundane tasks is like watching a punch line in how many of X does it take to screw in a light bulb Funny it took Israel Six days to win a war. If this relative was in charge everyone would be in the sea, baruch hashem.

She has finally grasped after years of cluelessness that I despise her. She was waiting for me to say I don't hate her in one of my fights with my brother. My response was now that we have this covered... It is impossible not to hate this obnoxious lazy useless imbecile. She knows everything, except how to get a job
and to accomplish the most simple of tasks. You tell her to leave you alone and she doesn't listen. She refuses to get a job or go for help and I am out of a car and this is peachy.

You can easily afford another one or you can borrow mine another relative says. What they fail to see is why must I be burdened by sloth. She wants another car go out and buy one. The way this crew treats cars it will be totaled in a year or less. They would repeat this process again and again. I should not have to give up my car because she refuses to work.

My nephew is a clueless moron and a certified loser. Three years of Yeshiva and pipe dreams of being an actuary. His mathematical aptitude is nowhere near that level. His low IQ and lack of drive might qualify him to be an employee in a very low level of customer service. He has the leadership and charisma of a paper towel. You mean you won't come to my wedding ....You mean you won't visit... He fails to grasp that I despise them and want no part of frummie life.

My nice is more problematic. She is likely to be a serial ex-wife but has vestiges of intelligence and potential for not being totally useless. There is much of my history beyond her ability to understand. I didn't rebel against anything and I am not lost. I was pulled into a world I wanted nothing to do with. I never accepted it and rebelled for years to be returned to the secular world. My desire to live a secular life was viewed as disturbed thinking. I never accepted or wanted to be a part of the Frum community. I left after Junior high and went to a small secular private school. I was guilted into returning to Yeahiva for one semester and left for good never to return. I am sorry you are not culturally aware to grasp some people reject frumkheit.

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