Thursday, October 24, 2013

Obscure Music

Oddly, one of the groups that I listen to has become popular among many of the 20 somethings at work. Early in the morning I usually listen to Surf or Garage Music while preparing cases. The Fabulous Wailers is a group that I listen to early in the morning and very late in the day.

They developed a distinctive sound in the Northwest. Long Tall Cool One is a song that I frequently play in the morning. It has developed its own fan base. The live version of I Idolize You with its blistering vocal by Gail Harris is well worth listening to.

Maybe in the future I will put a Junior Brown  or Eliminators CD in the mix.

Unfortunately, J&R Music up the block seems to be cutting back on the oldies. I used to love to drop by and pick up odd titles by ACE records like It Came From The Beach and so forth.


Duckys here said...

Junior Brown? Now you're talking

beakerkin said...

That is pretty funny especially considering his wife is playing the guitar. I was thinking Hot Rod Lincoln.

The office has become a show piece.
It has the John Wayne imagres and statues, Kojak, McCloud and the Sand Pebbles Poster.

For the Far Wall I was planning on
placing an altered Nighthawks print with me at the counter.