Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cultural Retardation

This occurs when people fail to grasp how others live. Its poster children are clueless morons around you who are so self centered they fail to grasp how others live.

In the news we have seen the rant of a spoiled kid the the New School. The New School is an Academic Gulag. The rant of this baboon has shown that Marxist clowns can not brainwash someone who has no brains to begin with. Alternately, class warfare diatribes are wasted on someone with no class.

A supervisor at work who looked with disbelief that poor people rent a bed for eight hours. Obviously working with people from poor slums and living in NYC has not provided enough contact with the unwashed massed to grasp how they live.

Dimwit frummies who think that Rabbis playing Tony Soprano for huge sums of cash are misunderstood community pillars. Dimwit frummies who blame and abuse the family of a child abuse victim for turning her abuser in.

In order to grow as a person one must grasp there are alternatives. Of course Marxist morons usually have no contact with actual poor people but feign moral authority to speak for them.

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