Sunday, October 20, 2013

After 20 Years

I loathe my sister in law. 90% of the fights with my brother are caused by her idiotic habits and mental issues. She hides behind the religious pious bull shit and hasn't worked in twenty years. Beaky you don't use your car. How about you get off your ass and buy your own car.

On a school night she starts a laundry at 8:00 pm and will leave with her daughter at 2AM. Six weeks to buy a single plane ticket.

Then of course her issues are messing me up and she turns shit around. I can't take it anymore. Why is her inability to function my problem. The answer everyone says is you didn't drive the car and its work 3,000.
The answer is get a (^%^(& job and stop %^&*(^(*)& my life. I don't want anything to do with my brother until this asshole gets her shit together. Baruch hashem doesn't cut it when you keep messing up and can't think straight.

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