Saturday, October 19, 2013

The End

I have decided to terminate the relationship with my brother and his family. I am disgusted by their sick lifestyle of pious sloth. The final straw was my car. True I didn't use it but that was my right. His wife has not worked for 25 years and he needs a vehicle. His wife's sloth is now costing me a vehicle. I can buy another car in seconds, but the process will repeat itself. Being frum means you get to take other people's possessions to subsidize sloth and excuses.

Over the next few days I will make the split complete. I will convert to another faith so that I can not be buried near him. Now I understand this cuts me off from my familial history and I am okay. On my next trip abroad I will purchase a resting place there. I am not bound by traditions and history. I write my own path and traditions. The resting place will only be known to one relative who can be trusted and compensated to respect my wishes.

I will still identify with my heritage, but want to erase all connections to family that I consider a personal disgrace. The conversion is not because I believe or embrace other ideals. It is done solely to get me as far away from frummies as possible.

In the end my car is of no great importance. It is a small price to pay for one's freedom. It will keep me out of all family functions and events. A car has a monetary value. Freedom from pious self important relatives is priceless.

As Frummies say if we divide a car... Don't divide the car take it get the F^(*^&() away from me and never talk to me again.

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Always On Watch said...

At last!

I've had to disassociate myself from one family member. She's a sociopath who is also a heroin addict behind bars (for now), and even her own mother has washed her hands of this wacko daughter.

Somebody with sanity needs to take custody of the sociopath's 6-month-old baby.