Friday, October 18, 2013

Vote on your next name change for Warren Wilhelm

Our soon to be elected mayor has had more names then professional criminals and done a fraction of the actual work of actual career criminals.

Lets Propose new names for the new mayor

Chairman Stupid
Che Lazy
First Citizen Couch Potato
Bin Marx
Comrade Incoherent
Throwing Bull
Fidel Tietelbaum
Mao Soprano
Guido Trotsky
Ho Che Chomsky
Clepto Claus
Vladamir Fudd
Grand Master Marxist Moron
LL Cool Clod

At least David Dinkins was living on planet earth.

I can just see Gomer Di Blassio leading a band of Faux hipster revolutionaries ranting on about Webolution and Socialist Webolution between hits of wine coolers.

Does each new alias of Warren Wilhelm get a vote?
Has he figured out Col Klink does not work at the NYPD?


Duckys here said...

How about, Mayor?

beakerkin said...

Communists and criminals do not get titles. The fact that an open Communist like Di Blassio is allowed
to foul the Democratic party is the precise reason a social liberal like myself wants nothing to do with that
freak show.