Thursday, June 09, 2011

Weiner vs Clinton

Anthony Weiner did not commit a crime of any sort. His etghical lapses are nowhere near that of Charlie Rangel or either Clinton. Nobody has accused Weiner of rape and his behavior is creepy and boorish as oposed to Clinton's crimual antics. Wiener is easy to hate as he is arrogant and a nerd in the most charitable descriptions.

If Bill Clinton, Rangel, Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank were permitted to continue their careers with more serious ethical lapses so should Weiner.

The tabloids and politcal cartoonists should start a Wiener in 2012 campaign.

Actually if Wiener went on Saturday Night Live and made fun of himself much of this could be spun. We would see a real man who messed up and we could laugh with him and see him as more genuine than most politicians. The ratings of SNL would soar and he would have a national audience. Of course his PR people are likely old school and this is beyond their grasp.

Next up

A Satire of the Searchers with Dr. Yeagley playing the role of Scar.

Ethan Edwards " You speak good American someone teach you"
Yeagley: That is a gramatical error. Read Moby Dick and brush up on the gourd dancing and then we will talk. "


Ducky's here said...

Still hung up on Gay Eagle, eh Beak.

Well I suppose it's an improvement over becoming maudlin because the little Maltese gave you a thrill when it humped your leg.

The Pagan Temple said...

I'm pretending to be sympathetic to Weiner on Twitter and trying to encourage all his Twitter followers to tweet a dic-pic this coming Saturday at midnight in solidarity and support to him. It would be hilarious if I could trick enough of them into going along with it.

Joe Conservative said...

I hope he stays. America needs another GREAT wiener joke.

Always On Watch said...

Anyone with a name like Weiner shouldn't Tweet his, ahem, weener.

Alligator said...

Beak, the latest is that Weiner is checking himself into a treatment center. Putting all the politics aside, anyone who sends lewd pictures of themselves to unknown women on the internet has a screw loose. Now the cops are checking out messages sent to a 17 year. Weiner claims those are innocent, but at this point, how can anyone believe or trust what he says?

The really remarkable thing is that most of his constituents don't care and don't think this affects his ability to govern. Weiner lied repeatedly and for ten days after he was caught. In effect, he has been lying to his wife for their whole marriage. What he did made him susceptible to blackmail by an individual, a criminal organization or even a foreign power. Does anyone want their elected officials (conservative or liberal) to cast their vote on the basis of keeping their personal indiscretions out of the public light? And again, a person who engages in this behavior has some disturbing, personal issues that needs professional help.

This wasn't a little "white lie", a sin of omission, or a "mistake". This was repeated, intentional, long-term behavior, a lifestyle that has jeopardized the Weiner family's well-being and compromised his functions as a Congressman.

I certainly disagree with the man's political views, but I don't relish the idea of any human being engaging in self destructive behavior. He should resign and get the help he needs and focus on putting his life and family back together. I'm just surprised more of his constituents don't feel that way. Of course, I am probably a just a Bible thumping, backwards-hayseed-hick-hillbilly to most New Yorkers.

Weiner is certainly not the first, nor will he be the last politician of either party to get ensnared by their own peccadillo. If the constituents don't care, we're just normalizing the behavior and guaranteeing more of the same. One day it will cost us.

Beak, I am looking forward to your remake of "The Searchers" It sounds entertaining.

The Pagan Temple said...

Or you could do one about the time Ducky was caught sending a dick-pic to Troutsky.

Ducky-What do you think of this, Troutsky

Troutsky-Ducky, those things are good for fresh-water fish only. For trout you need artificial lure.

Anonymous said...

the weiner affair or this dont congressmen get to send their 'packages' free, Clinton is his mentor on bill that is" oh yeah the gourd prancer dont speak good comanche just BS while the DOG howls bigot tunes OH either way dr jackboot is more like 'look' the indian wife of the young breed while the DOG well IT is just hanging around the fort XXX Shalom Beak

The_Editrix said...

"Yeagley: That is a gramatical error. Read Moby Dick and brush up on the gourd dancing and then we will talk.""

Are you aping Yeagley's awful spelling or is it your own error, Beaky? ;-)

CM said...

White men can't dance...gourd dance anyways! Put a page boy wig on hot dog weiner and a headband and he's a twin of yeagley....head anyway. Whats up with moby dick anyway????? yeagley is always talking about how ugly women are or beautiful his coulter is or his dislike for gays is yet he has a closet full....look ah him, me thinks he wants to be found out....!

beakerkin said...


I am guilty of the spelling errors.
Yeagley hates the Searchers more than any other film.

I want to make a spoof where the White guy is chasing the Indian who is teaching lit and spreading Christianity to the captive who won't leave. In my version it is a houseguest of the Commanche that has stayed too long.

Big Stomach tries to get his wife back rather than do his own laundry.

Yeagley deserves satire

CM said...

Yuck, yeagley does laudry?? everytime I've seen him looks like he's wearing the same thing, and he's got the nerve to talk about fashion, sounds very gay to me! However, I like that name "Big Stomach"!

The_Editrix said...

He does indeed, Beak! Thanks for the explanation.

Anonymous said...

Yo now yall stay clear of dr jackboots and his antics due to the DOG is already howling like a wel lets say I yanked her chain and her MO is the usual, oh well but CM, if you have a chance visit the cultural center some reall exhibits and Ms. Bigrope is very good at ther job but do take in the puberty rites. oh yeah the bag or aka the azzmonkey is at IT again, but as with any demented dimwitt and bigot but a breed well she want the bone but cant get IT. ps she lives on attention but in the end the duo of lunacy get all the humor and satire, while they are as pure as driven BS ZZZ shalom the shadow