Saturday, February 18, 2012

Profiloing of Muslims

There is a certain amount of far left outrage about NYPD monitoring Muslims groups. If the truth be told the first job of the police is to protect the public. Terrorism has basically two major components Islam and
Marxism/ Anarchism. Not every member of these groups is a threat to the public but law enforcement has the right to due dillegence.

One of the problems with the end of the Cold War is that when it ended GW Bush senior made no effort to gain acess to the files of the former Soviet Union and show exactly how much treason the far left in the USA was guilty of for decades. Now that we have a KGB man running the show in Moscow we are not likely to get those files.

There are plenty of Muslim Patriots like Stephen Schwartz of the CIP. Do ordinary people going about their ordinary lives care if NYPD has a dosier that says Ahmed X prays four times a day and likes Strawberry Pancakes at IHOP. Person Y went to the library and read the Communist Manifesto and Wuthering Heights. Person Z was critical of US environmental policy and led a protest at KFC. These are ordinary facts in everyday lives. Now if the NYPD started looking at the drug habits of student radicals this is an ordinary law enforcement area.

I would also like to change the laws regarding student visas. Students arrested for vandalism in protests should be deported. Students arrested three times for any reason including disorderly conducts and protests should be deported and barred from the USA for five years. Students who enter the USA should post bond
that their college is liable for should they fail to return home. If a student gets legal status or returns home the money should be returned.

Sorry, but in this day and age of high stakes terrorism routine scrutiny is part of the new reality. Do I really care if the government keeps tabs on my routine. Went to restroom at 11:11 and read the Crankfiles at 2pm. Big deal


Z said...

The fringe left (growing by the day) lives in a land of no muslim terrorists and no problems with Marxist anarchists. I wish I could live with my head that far up in the clouds. What a peaceful place to be. The problem is they're training more and more of our kids to believe this idiocy.
I'd have thought most muslims who don't mean anyone harm wouldn't give a rat's poop if NYPD knew how many times they pray, either...but CAIR whips them up into indignation. We need more muslims who hate terrorism as much as we do.d I know they're there; they need to speak up.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, since z is in a censoring move let's revisit the shark fin soup issue.

Now you're first reaction is to call anyone who suggests we should make some ethical choices in what we eat a "food nazi".

No, Officer Strutter I am not demanding you change your habits. If you want to keep on eating rancid takeout and swilling bad brandy with your "family" then fine.

A lot of the poor are loosing an inexpensive, efficient source of protein and that is an issue of importance. Think about it, I know the right doesn't like to be inconvenienced but think about it, Strutter.

Still using code word entry even though you're a moderated site with no traffic?

beakerkin said...


CAIR itself has dicey associations
that are noted by Centerist Muslims
like Stephen Schwartz.


Life is about choices good and bad.
Now it costs a bit more to treat an AIDS patient than to treat heart disease. Unlike IV drug use and unprotected sex eating is required to live.

The job of the government is not to be the sex police or nutrition nanny. That being said you sing quite a different tune when those
who think differently talk about consequences of behavior that is politically correct.

Actually, nobody in my biological family drinks alcohol. My Hindu family does knock back a bit. When they insist I have one or two I keep a bottle of of Smirnoff around. If I have ten drinks in a year it is a bit much.

Food choices are limited by time.
Two parents working means one is not in the home making those sound meals. This is part of the side consequences of having two working parents.

On the rare moment that I am cooking I can't keep my daughter out even when I am making man food.
The thing is that having a stay at home parent in the era of expensive real estate and high property taxes is a luxury most can not afford.

I am not advocating placing parents back in the kitchen but times have changed.

Always On Watch said...

Muslims whine too much about this monitoring business.

The truth is that all sorts of other monitoring is going on.

Ducky's here said...

Well AOW, 'it's their prerogative to "whine". Who determines what the legal boundaries of this "monitoring" are?

A low level paper pushing Nazi like Beak?

Always On Watch said...

Whining damages reputation in the long run.

There is a difference between whining and cogent complaining.

Z said...

Ducky, there are plenty of blogs where you can insult and whine all you want; I'm done with it.
but you did say something which should be noted and maybe even you will understand "Now you're first reaction is to call anyone who suggests we should make some ethical choices in what we eat a "food nazi"."

"WE should make?" Can even YOU understand the difference between OUR making ethical choices and the government making them for us? It's a NAZI when it's forced...get it?

Patrick Kelley said...

Hey Ducky I have an idea. Let's force Muslims at gun point to eat bacon and pork chops and watch while we make their wives and daughters suck our dicks. We need to help them move past this superstitious nonsense. Then maybe I'll listen when some leftist freak tells me what kind of food to eat. Or, maybe I'll still just send a bullet flying through his skull. Who says life has to be fair.