Sunday, February 12, 2012

Insert your own laugh track

Barak Obama has claimed that Bill Ayers "is a guy from the neighborhood and an educator". We can say the same thing about noted actor Ron Jeremy. Jeremy lived not to far from me and actually earned his credentials in education, unlike Lord Fauntleroy Ayers whose fathers donations and nepotism likely had some impact on his hiring.

The fact is Ayers is a well known and loathsome terrorist. His claims that his actions were somehow related to the Vietnam war are false. He fancied himself a revolutionary in a country where his rights to peacefully organize are protected. The Che Guevara wanna be makes dubious claims about property damage except noting the criminals blown up in the town house were planning on sending a package to Fort Dix.

Describing Ayers as an educator is quite akin to calling Ron Jeremy an educator. Jeremy did work as a teacher but is clearly knoiwn for something else. Would the media give a free pass to someone making this dubious claim.

I appologize in advance to Ron Jeremy for using him in satire with the loathsome Bill Ayers. Jeremy has never indulged in actual violence or has ever fancied himself as Robin Hood. He can honestly claim to have earned an honest days pay for hard work, unlike Ayers.

Obama claims to have denounced Ayers criminal acts. Where and when did he do this before he was campaigning for President? Is this just another one of the Obama mysteries that the media just ignores like his missing college transcripts. How did a person with mediocre grades at Occidental get into those prestigious schools?

Now there are some false hypocritical lefties all worked up about Peter Brimelow at CPAC. Did the same folks express any concern about a President who sat rapt in a Church with a Pastor Spewing anti American Black Liberation Theology. Did the same crew say a word about a President addressing La Razza? Did they say a word about seperatists and Marxists at that group.

Brimelow has some nasty Unamerican ideas. However, if we pretend that those ideas are nasty and that Back Liberation theology or Hispanic separatists are just flavor of the month it is hypocrisy.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, I wouldn't have guessed you follow Brimelow at VDARE.

Gay Eagle and the Stormfront crew hang out there. You must feel right at home.

beakerkin said...

Actually, I don't follow V Dare and never have. The site is home to the non white white supremacist Yeagley and Kevin Mc Donald.

However a President who sat in a BlacK Liberation Theology Church completette with classic claims the USA invented AIDS to kill Blacks should not lecture anyone.

The Jew/ Nazi bit only works if it is your friend Capo Ren who advocates killing Jews for revolutionary authenticity. Ask survivors who made the best Capos Ducky and you will find out the leap from Communism to Nazism is far shorter than you think ask Horst Mahler as well.

Ducky's here said...

Well, first of all there is no data that indicates Obama had any meaningful relationship with Ayers.
There was a fund raiser held at Ayers home and that was it, big deal.

If you follow the track of his education secretary you will see a push towards standardized testing and privatization which is certainly not Ayers' program.

As for Wright, I'd like evidence that Obama went to church any more often than he does now.
He showed up there once in a while to give himself black street cred but it was strictly for image. That's about all Obummer does well.

You seem to know a lot about Ron Jeremy. I've never seen him "perform".

beakerkin said...


Your students are preparing for a bright future in pornography you need to explore the medium and help your students understand the medium.

I live in Queens and the guy lives down the block and is a former teacher. Unlike Ayers he was a genuine educator who worked on the side to suplement his income.

Obama had multiple meetings with Ayers and the relationship was far closer than Obama or Ayers will admit. They served on several boards together and describing a well known terrorist as an educator from the neighborhood is more preposterous than my calling Ron Jeremy a former teacher.

Ron Jeremy and I both live in Queens and I have never met the man. However, it does comedically illustrate how preposterous the story is.

Even in a casual attendance Barak Obama had to figure out that it is a racist crackpot church. He only
stopped attending the church and paling around with Ayers when the media scrutiny was unavoidable.

The media did not even get into his relationship with Rashid Khalidi and other insane Professors.

Ducky's here said...

Actually Bak a couple of my students finished up a documentary on the early days of legendary radio station WBCN.

They'll be getting a good local screening.