Friday, February 03, 2012

The evolution of a lunatic

When this blog first encountered the gay dane from the UK he was posing as a man of the left. His central obsession was always Jews. He has deleted his blogs and changed his name multiple times.

The truth is that his obsessions are quite obvious in any encounter. Thus when he infested the site of Rob Bayn and Justin it did not take too long for them to spot a person with reality issues. Rob Bayn may be to the left, but just the same he doesn't tollerate mindless cliche anti amaericanism and general idiocy. Thus claims that gays in Iran and other places in the Muslim world were all guilty of other offenses does not pass scruitiny.

167 has gone from defending communism on the site of the Chemist to ranting about Jewish Bolshevism on another forum. His latest bit is actual Holocaust denial while championing Norman Maoist Finklestein.

Watching Holocaust Deniers and Truthers is like watching a train wreck. Their technique is to demand moiuntains of evidence and cling to idiotic points year after year while shrieking we are only asking questions. I am kind of sorry the Chemist and all of his dullard friends are not around to see this act.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, is there a blog where I can follow this sideshow?

Fringe nutters like yourself going at it with this clown peg the entertainment meter.

beakerkin said...


A centerist Republican is much more
mainstream than a washed up bird brained Marxist like yourself.

Feel free to watch 167 on the Brittish Democracy forum. The evolution from Communist to Nazi
was easy when mania about Joooos is central to a rather pathetic life.

Patrick Kelley said...

Now Beak, remember-Ducky isn't a Marxist, he's a "Socialist Democrat" LOL