Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bird Brains Hero Ranting About Jews and Gays

Lefties feign outrage when rational sorts point to the rhetoric and criminal behavior of Chavez. They parse words in a manner similar to Holocaust Denniers to protect their own. Of course if Pat Robertson had called Obama a gay Muslim the lefties would be swinging from the trees in outrage.

Despite BS rhetoric leftist countries have a mixed at best record on gays. Gays were once placed in mental hospitals in Cubas famed health care. The record of the moron in Zimbabwe is pretty bad as well but lefties yawn.

President Obama will likely never comment on Chavez's latest rant. The media never does ask him tough questions like how does one hold an Alice in Wonderland themed Party in this economy.

I am rooting for the cancer to rid the planet of Chavez. No doubt many of the medications keeping him alive were produced by dem Jooooos. A suicide vest bomb does eliminate the problem of cancer by killing the wearer.

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Patrick Kelley said...

I wish lefties could be swinging from the trees. lol