Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Why America likes the Giants

The Giants are the team that is not supposed to be there. They had a 9-7 record and injuries by the score. Yet the face of the franchise is the calm Eli Manning who is supposed to be the third best Quarter back in the Manning household.

In reality Brady carried a team of a few good players and a bunch of nobodies to a near superbowl win. He didn't have a great game and the throw to Welker was not even a good one. He spent much of the night running from the Giants. He is lucky that Canty never got close. Pierre Paul missed him a few times and Linvail Joseph missed him twice. He should not be confused with a QB like Michael Vick who can run to safety or Rothlisberger who can absorb brutal hits or Tebow who han do both.

The Patriots have interesting pieces but that is about it. They have benefitted from playing in a weak confrence where only Rex's mental ward can sometimes make a challenge. If Miami gets a real Quarterback they could easily win the division.

On offense the Patriots have four top players. Brady, Gronk, Hernandez and Welker. The best of the linemen was Waters who signed from KC. None of the Running Backs would even make the Giants roster.
The Giants line has aged but Snee is still a top player who has had a bad game or two. Other than Welker none of the recievers matches up with the Giants core. The Tight Ends are world class but Gronk was hurt on Superbowl Sunday.

On defense it is basicaly Wolfork, Mayo and perhaps Chung and the rest is ordinary. The Giants line and secondary is better than the Patriots. The Giants LBs are substandard other than Boley and Williams.They have an extra DE playing LB because they have so much talent on the line.

This next part may sound cruel but even on beauty Eli Mannings wife looks better than Ms. Brady. I never quite understood why Giselle is considered such an icon. Football wives and mothers should be seen on Chunky Soup commercials and not in the sports pages. It is funny and even wholesome when Kurt Warners
mom or someone elses makes a soup commercial. Ripping team mates is something sports writers and fans should do. Sorry, Giselle but the ball thrown to Welker was not in the greatest spot and required a circus catch. Welker tried his best and makes these catches frequently.

The truth is the Patriots are an ordinary team coached by the best. They have over achieved and were beaten by a better team.

Super Models should be seen and not heard. Giselle is not Pam Oliver or even a knowlegeable sideline commentator. For my money I preferhaving a fun ex jock on the sideline like Siragusa who can be funny at times to the reporter types like Pam Oliver. Football is supposed to be fun and shame on NBC for not finding a role for Phil Simms who unlike Aikman knows what he is doing.

Note to Fox please stop inflicting the imbecile Troy Aikman on the NY Audience and get Dierdorf, Matt Millen or anyone else with a pulse in the booth.

Onto next season

I really hate the Knicks and their idiot owner. Unfortunately this Asian point guard who is playing smart and hard is someone worthy of a fan base. Hopefully, they will trade Lin and he can be placed on a more deserving team owned by an adult.


Ducky's here said...

A-hole has been seen dating Gisele.

Spankees are finished.

Let the real sport begin.

Bruins/Rangers should be good this year. New York hasn't had a hockey team for some time.

beamish said...

The Cheatriots are the best NFC team in the AFC, so it's pretty easy to dominate a conference of wussies with former NFC team players.

But, then you find out why those NFC teams gave up these players to the Cheatriots in the first place...

The New England Cheatriots: Where NFC players go to wash up and wash out.

beakerkin said...

Mr. B

You have a point. How did Haynesworth wash out in NE.


The Yankees will win again

Now I am in a bind because I hate the Knicks but am rooting for Jeremy Lin. A Chinese American point guard from Harvard is just too catchy an act to hate.