Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Twice In a Lifetime

The Victor Cruz story was the improbable story of an athlette not even considered worthy of a combine invite becoming a star. Much of the story rest with his hard work that he did with Eli Manning in NJ durring the strike. Not all the players showed the dedication but Cruz attended nearly every practice. Still the team did not feel confident in giving the unknown a chance and they brought in a grizled vet Brandon Stokely who did next to nothing before getting hurt and cut. All of us know how the story ends with a Superbowl. Cruz probably won't have another year like this again but it was charming.

The Knicks have been the poster child for over paid self important athlettes. The team is owned by the dumbest man in NYC whose sole claim to fame is his father founded a cable company. Out of nowhere comes a Chinese American point guard from Harvard who was ignored in the NCAA. He has had some week beating players who are household names. NY never quite experienced anything like Fernando mania or the Bird Fydrich type of rookies. Jeter was solid and we knew he would be a good pro but nobody can predict greatness over a long haul and being injury free.

Even if Lin fades into the just being a regular player this was some ride. I still hate the Knicks and there imbecile owner, but all of us can root for Jeremy Lin.


Ducky's here said...

Lin will be yesterday's news in a couple weeks.

Ducky's here said...

Jeter plays short like he's riding in a golf cart.

beakerkin said...

They said that about Victor Cruz.
Lin appears to be in the right system for his talent.

Jeter has had a great career next stop Cooperstown.

beakerkin said...

13 assists in 26 minutes. If the game were closer he would have played more. Lin appears to be the real deal.

What happens when Carmelo is back is anyones guess. Stoudemire knows how to be a team player.

Z said...

beak, your line about Oliver Stone not minding his kid turning muslim but having a FIT if he joined the 700 Club was HILARIOUS and SO VERY VERY VERY true! xxx
gad, now we have TWO words by which to prove we're "not a robot"!? !!

Ducky's here said...

Is Jeremy Lin dating a Kardashian yet?