Monday, August 21, 2006

Stick a fork in the Red Sox and Mets

The Red Sox are finnished for this year and the key failure was Beckett. Beckett is starting to look like a New England version of Jeff Weaver. Some people do not do well under pressure. The Red Sox should be able to scratch out a win. There is no Proctor, Mariano or Villone. This leaves Dotel, Farnsworth, Myers and a couple of kids.

The possible injury to Glavine and Pedros uncertain health doom the Mets. They will make the playoffs but have no shot at reaching the World Series.


JINGOIST said...

Beak you have a point that pitching is THE most important factor. The Twins lost Lariano, possibly for the year. If a team's remaining pitchers step up their game they can still prevail. For personal reasons (the Twins) I hope you're right about the Red Sox being done, although I'm not so sure....Have you heard anything about Joe Mauer? I haven't seen him in the last two games.


beakerkin said...

I have been studying for a test and
have heard nothing so far. The Twins DH Mauer a bit to keep him fresh

Mr. Ducky said...

Goes to show what happens when you lose a great receiver like Varitek. Pitchers loved to throw to him and "Busy Glove" Lopez has thrown a struggling staff completely off their game.

Never did think much of Lopez behind the plate.

beakerkin said...

Ducky we may joke about catchers but it takes a great ammount of savy to handle pitchers and make intelligent pitch calls. Yogi Berra was never a bumbling simpleton. In real life he is a brilliant businessman who was an investor in Yoo Hoo and much of the land that became Disney World.
He is also a veteran of D- Day but seldom mentions this.

Calling an game is a savy skill that Mike Piaza does well despite his defensive woes. Lopez probably is better then he has shown but pitchers are in a revolving door from Triple A and he has had little time to work with the veterans. Mirabeli may not hit but he knows the pitchers but lets face it calling a great game isn't as sexy as long homeruns

Mr. Ducky said...

True enough Beak, my dad really had a soft spot for great defensive catchers. Yogi was a much better defensive player than most think but at that time the great defensive receivers were Jim Hegan with Cleveland and Sammy White with the Red Sox.

White was one of the great strike "stealers" and used to really drive Stengel nuts.

drummaster2001 said...

don't count the mets out. they can rest pedro as long as they need and slowly rehab him- there is still a 14 game lead.

if glavine IS out, el douque and traschel will have to show some leadership and el douque has done so as of now getting a big win on sun. traschel might not pitch great, but he is good enough to get a W if the team produces hits [it doesn't have to be a lot either]. the young guns maine and williams have shown good potential and pelfrey [iffy in my opinion] will most likely come back on the active starting rotation in the event of glavine being out.

the mets bullpen is fine for the most part- feliciano and especially bradford are usually effective. heilman puts me on edge sometimes. it is unfortunate sanchez had a season ending injury while being involved in a car accident WHILE IN A NYC CAB!! talk about bad luck. wagner now that he has had consistent work is much better with his control than previous times.

the sox were out the second varitek was hurt. and the fact that they have NO RELIEF PITCHING gives them no chance. schilling and wells, who had good games [schilling should have had a W] can only do so much.

i will say it was cowardly to int. walk ramirez. he ended up hitting well over .500 [i think it was .727] for the series. that was like herman edwards playing for the tie in the last minute when his team was in TD position. that being said, i have to commend torre for managing the team to a 5 game sweep.

drummaster2001 said...

glavine is only out for about 2 weeks and will only miss a couple of starts.