Friday, August 11, 2006

Left unsaid

Many far left anti semites deny the original cause of the Pseudostinian refugee. The original Pseudostinian refugees were told by Arab leaders to get out of the way. When the Arab Armies failed in battle all rules for refugees were twisted to create a never ending generations of human hockey pucks.

The onus is on the Arab countries to settle their own refugees. They allready have twenty two states and loads of real estate. The far left comuno nazis like 167 and to a lesser extent Duncy cling to a fictional ethnicity that seems to have been created in the 1960's . What the basis for the ethnicity is remains unknown as it is not history, religion or language.

All of the states in the region are creation of an Anglo-French treaty. The Kurds and the Assyrians were sold out to Arab domination. In the history of the world there is no such entity as Jordan and do not confuse Syrians with Assyrians who are a Christian people with their own language. The anti semitic far left likes to talk about " Greater Israel" but it remains silent on Arab greed for land. These far left dolts also fail to remember that Jews are the indigenous people and Arabs are colonial invaders with tons of real estate allready.

If the conflict is viewed in its correct frame Pan Arab land theft support for Pseudostinians is zero.

The Duck's new theory about Israel invading Lebanon to steal water from the Litani river is a comedy classic.


beakerkin said...

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I am more then happy to print what ever comments you send.

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Mr. Ducky said...

Arabs are the colonial invaders? But Abraham was the father of both jew and muslim.

Always On Watch said...

These far left dolts also fail to remember that Jews are the indigenous people and Arabs are colonial invaders with tons of real estate allready.

Won't find that info in any of the university world-studies texts. **sigh**

Freedomnow said...

No War for Water!!!!!!

beakerkin said...

So now Ducky wants to quote he Bible. The Bible and archeology clearly point to who was there. Arabs invaded in the Seventh Century and are not indigenous. Moreover they have tons of stolen real estate already.

The bottom line is that the Psuedostinians are an Arab problem.
It is time the world said enough of this neo marxist fairy tale. The PLO was a Communist gift and the fairy tale ethicity is another gift from the people who cling to a philosopher whose accolytes exceed the Sons of Allan in the creation of human misery.

We can go through such wonders as liberation via starvation. Dead people are merely liberated from life itself.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Arabs are the colonial invaders? But Abraham was the father of both jew and muslim.

Only if you dismiss the Bible to believe the Koran.

Ishmael ws born of Abraham and Hagar, who was Egyptian. Egypt of 2000 BC was inhabited by Hamitic peoples.

Always On Watch said...

Is Duck equating Muslim with Arab? Not necessarily. Arab is a race, whereas Muslim is not.

Anwar Sadat's espousing peace because Abraham was father to both the Jew and the Arab (His words: "We are brothers in Abraham") got Sadat killed.

Anonymous said...

Little Che Sucky Ducky admits that Jews have a RIGHT TO THEIR LAND!!!

I don't believe it!!

Now, can we agree that when a group comes along and attacks a group that has been living on land for generations the attacking group does not have a right to it??

In other words, the Zionists did NOT use force to take any land from the Jews, Arabs, Christians, or any other group in the Middle East. The attack on them in the late forties by the Muslims and Arabs was due to anti-semitism or Islam which both deny the Jews the right to buy, live on, or even live except under Islam as converts to Islam or as Dhimmis.

Any discussions that do NOT start from this basis, and the further extension of the view that the WORLD is next is simply ignorant and pointless.


To sum it up, all the various EXCUSES such as the fantasy ethnicity Palestinian created for Arabs who lived around the Jews in the area the ROMANS called Palestine is a STRAWMAN.

You do know what a STRAWMAN is don't you Che Sucky? After all between Chomsky and the ME Muslims they have virtually worn it out!!


beakerkin said...

According to John Loftus that is indeed correct. However according to Ducky we need to be concerned about Islamophobia. The fact that these homicidal nuts have no concern for their own tells us all we need to know about the Sons of Allah and Poultry.

Anonymous said...



I had heard about the Sons of Allah and SHEEP, but this is the first I have heard of the Sons of Allah and POULTRY!!!

Ya think Che Sucky Ducky is related????


Anonymous said...


the author in her book From Time Immemorial made some interesting points about the occupants of Israel before the British hosed it all up.

According to her the Arabs did outnumber the Jews in pre-Zionist Palestine. The interesting parts are that most of them DID NOT OWN THE LAND!!!

They were mostly on the level of sharecroppers. The rich Arabs in Jerusalem and other towns owned most of the land that the Ottoman Empire did not own directly. They SOLD it to whomever wanted to buy at high interest rates. Typically the new "owner" would do OK for a few years until a drought, or some other problem interfered with their ability to keep up the payments at which time the land went back to the rich guy.

Sound familiar??

The Zionists typically bought the land cash and did not have that problem(or payed to other Zionists or Jews). Not to mention they had knowledgeable people who could tell them how to farm better and to make the farms more successful. Their main problem was getting people to work on their farms, which is where most of the REFUGEES came from.

They had immigrated from the West Bank, Gaza and further to get in on the booming economy created by the Zionists!!

Apparently the British NEVER allowed the Jews to immigrate as their agreements required because the ARABS didn't like it!! This left many jobs available for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FROM OTHER AREAS OF THE ME!!!

The whole mythology of the Zionists stealing land and forcing Arabs off their land is just that. A mythology. A lot of the non gubmint land in the areas the UN gave to Israel were ALREADY OWNED BY JEWS!! The Arabs who owned and lived on land typically did not leave as they had been living with peaceful Jews, including the new Zionists, for generations. The others were the rich ones who had left the area, but, did NOT give up their interest in their land!!

Israel has spent enormous amounts of money trying to keep the titles of property straight from before their statehood.

Many so-called Palestinians HAVE BEEN REIMBURSED for losses they suffered. Of course, the IMMIGRANTS had no papers to prove ownership of much of anything because they were MIGRANT FARM WORKERS!!! A lot of REFUGEES on the roles lived in the West Bank and Gaza BEFORE THE WAR so had no claims they could press either!!

Migrant Farm Workers were apparently a historical situation in this area.

The connivance of the UN and other bureaucracies have created a problem that did not exist!!!

(even ignoring Israel and the UN trying to work out the return of the refugees which the Arab leaders blocked)

So, Che Sucky, let's hear more of your revisionist history supporting the put upon Palestinians!!!

Oh yeah, and tell me more about:

and why he was killing Jews and people who sold land to Jews as early as the 1920's.

Greg said...

beakerkin: no problem!

Mr.Ducky: yes, Abraham was the father of three religions: Judaism,Islam, and Christianity since he was the first Jew and father to Ishmael, the first Arab.

But what does that have to do with anything??? Though we come from the same source, we're currently at war with one another. Please exlain your comment.

The Merry Widow said...

Ducky and Greg- even though Abraham was father to both Isaac and Ishmael, he is not the father of mohammahdism! Why, you ask? Because Christianity is an outgrowth of Judaism, but mohammahdism is based on worship of al alah the arabic moon god. abraham worshipped and taught his family to worship Jehova! 2 different beings, one the infinite True G*D and a demon! Look at the sacred writtings of both, G*D needs noone and nothing to make HIM complete! allah requires man's help and he's weak and requires control of people. Doctrinally G*D is Greater, allah is a useless, illogical, contradictory liar! No comparison, so get it right, they are not the same!

P.S. The G*D of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob doesn't need to control anyone, HE allows for doubts and questions, HE is not insecure!

Justin said...

Feather Brain Asked:

Arabs are the colonial invaders?
Answer: Yes ducky, the arabs are the invaders. Anyone who has studied world history would know that.

In 650 a.d. muslim Arabs sweep to victory in a great march west to destroy the 'infidels' of Christianity. Arabs conquer Mesopotamia, Persia, Palestine, Egypt and the islands of the Mediterranean.

The only reason the Name Palestine appears in that text is because in 135 a.d. Hadrian destroyed Judea (not Israel that is another story) and named it Asyria Palestina after his wife.

You comment "But Abraham was the father of both jew and muslim."
is much like saying Adam was the father of Cain and Able which leaves one to ask. And your point is?

I am left to wonder do you ever engage your brain before writing these things down.

beakerkin said...

TMW and Justin

Ducky quotes the Bible only when convenient to prop up his commie party line.

Anonymous said...

Little Che Sucky Ducky loves to ignore reality.

There have been treaties laying out the allowable diversion of water from the Litani and other rivers feeding into Israeli and Jordanian sources for a while.

The fact that Lebanon is breaking these treaties has nothing to do with anything of course.

Ain't that right Little Che Sucky!!

It's OK for your friends to ignore treaties they have agreed to, but, our guys can't even expect minimal compliance with treaties the whole WORLD has signed onto!!!



Purple Avenger said...

But Abraham was the father of both jew and muslim

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Abraham...ummm...quite dead by the time Islam was created? I don't think he'd fathered much of anything for about 3,000 years or so.