Saturday, August 26, 2006

Uptown Steve All Race and Ignorance 24/7

I have no idea why the dimwit Uptown Steve is here? However, he is a phony and a liar. He claims that he is here to fight racism. Yet when genuine KKK types invade FPM, Uptown did nothing. The task of kicking KKK butt was taking up by a variety of types but Uptown remained silent.

More amusing, Uptown Steve claims to know my position on immigration. Obviously, observers of Uptown are well aware that he does not read. He asks a series of dumb questions and demands proof. I go out and find the book and page, but does the dimwit
ever check it.

Uptown was banned because of a promise he made. Nobody forced Uptown to make this promise. However, he has violated his word several times. Uptown, in his own description, clearly sexually harassed LaShawn Barber. Rather than keep his word, Uptown has attempted to WEASEL his way out.

We do not talk about race on this blog. This blog has scant offerings on that subject. One may find that on other blogs, but not here. Uptown is too lazy to start
his own blog. Moreover, as Weasie is finding out building an audience requires social
sills. Thus Uptown attempts to steal what he can not create.

Now that I am well rested, all furter posts from Uptown will be deletted. Posting on this blog or any other is not a right. Uptown has the right to free speech, elsewhere. This blog is about me and my opinions. People come to this site to read those opinions. Nobody comes here looking to read Uptown Steve communist racial diatribes.

Some of you think that the description of Uptown as a Communist was inaccurate. Uptown is a classic Marcuse based group rights communist kook. Most of us, are well aware that Paul Robeson was a Communist traitor. Few of us need reminders of what the Black Panthers were. Michael Lerner calls himself a Marxist, but that is not good enough for Uptown. Noam Chimpanzee's red roots have been a discussion for years,
but Uptown does not seem to read much of anything.

Vaya Con Dios Uptown. Do not write and get lost. Weazie and John Brown need readers.
My site does quite well without your stupidity.

Beamish in 08


FLORIAN said...

FINALLY! I thought you banned the Race-Warlord Uptown long ago Beaker?

beakerkin said...

I did but I was too tired to delette the SOB.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Uptownseteve was a good sport subbing during Ducky's impromptu "Humiliate The Leftist" game, under the knee-slapper "leftists know that a principle of crisis response is unified command and control."

We scored too many points off of Hurricane Katrina though. Didn't even touch the solid gold of Mexican earthquake archives or Ethiopian drought response.

I think a game of HTL should be launched whenever Ducky says something (monumentally) stupid.

beakerkin said...

Say goodbye Uptown. We hold you to your word. Moreover, nobody held a gun to your head and forced you to
make that promise

Vaya Con Dios Bruto

beakerkin said...


You will be deletted. You made a promise we will hold you to it.
Write long passages, so it feels better when we delette them.

LAC said...

uptownsteve had a long history of ignorant blustering over at the Field Negro blog, but he has pretty much been chased off of there too. His tactic is to argue an indefensible point, demand foot-noted and peer-reviewed proof of any counter arguments, and then ignore it once provided. He drains the life out of any substantive discussion. Good riddance.