Thursday, August 31, 2006

Newsflash for Gay Communist Anti Semites

The moronic 167 is so out of touch with reality he refers to Israel as a " deeply homophobic society ". 167 has also praised Saudi and Iranian justice that executes homosexuals. According to 167, all those accused in Iran and Saudi Arabia were pedophiles and deserve to die. The fact that these confessions were likely the result of genuine torture does not seem to concern 167. To 167, torture is wearing panties on the head or playing naked twister at Abu Gharib. The real reason 167 is likely upset about the naked twister is that he was not invited.

From Yahoo News Muslim Force The Cancelation of Freddy Mercury Birthday Bash On Zanzibar.

It seems the religion of Peace and tolerance has a major problem with celebrating the birthday of Native Son and flamboyant homosexual Freddy Mercury. Freddy Mercury was a talented musician and the lead singer of the rock group Queen. The song We Are The Champions is played at the end of every Championship sporting event in the USA. What did Freddy Mercury do to offend the Islamo-nazis? It seems that all Feddy had to do was be himself.

Thus the hypocrites and anti semitic liars of the left have yet another reminder of the depths of the insanity their warped views have taken them to.

I can picture 167 in Gaza at his beheading

Jihadi: You are an offense to Allah. You must die for your sins.
167: You shouldn't wear white it makes you look fat.
Jihadi: Allah Ahkbar does this idiot not know what is comming next.
167: It is not your fault, you masculine brute. The Zionists drove you to behead me. Did I mention my 167 IQ?
Jihadi: What does this infidel think this isd Queer Eye for the Jihadi Guy.
167: Now remember when you blow up them Jews, red dynamite sticks do not go with kafiyahs. Oh Farouk I got a red hot dynamite stick for you.
Jihadi; Forget the prayer, this is almost as bad as listening to Barbara Striesand.
167: She is such an ugly zionist hag
Jihadi: Now you die Allah Ahkbar !!!! What is this he is still talking.
167: Did I tell you about my 167 IQ. I am an expert on grammar 247 sentences with 23 ...... and 17 commas are my norm. Jews stole the Holocaust. The Judea fascist, Neocon America war on terron............
Jihadi: Being a blood thirsty Jihadi is as George Bush says hard work. Will someone shut that idiot Communist up allready.


JINGOIST said...

ROFLMAO! That was funny as hell Beak! Too bad about Zanzibar, I loved Freddy Mercury and Queen. They were an integral part of my 8-track collection in my first car. Lots of memories in that old Cougar. Funny thing is my 13 yr. old daughter and her friends know the old Queen songs too. I guess it makes sense, my parents were dating when Tommy James and the Shondells were IT and we know all those songs.


Robert Bayn said...

Do not fear Queer Eye for the Jihad guy is here:

First lets get rid of that plain turbin and replace it with a diamond satin turbin.

Next no more long beards (oops what is that a piece of Bread, nope it's a loaf), honestly you must clean this every so often.

Finally, your car bombing tactics are just not working anymore, first of all bombing people in a 1988 toyota gives off a bad impression, if you hate America, why not use a Jaguar, when bombing things, it's all about how you present yourself, and if you don't look the part, someone will just think your some looney fool draging a kidney machine from cave to cave.

This my friend will make you a better Jihad.

Please make all donations payable to Bravo c/o Micheal Moore.

zelda said...

Hi there Beakerkin,
I found you from Mad Zionist's blog. This post is hillarious!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I thought this was a post about Yasser Arafat.

Freedomnow said...

How many times do I have to tell you that Arafat did not die of AIDs.

There are many unbiased French doctors that can attest to that!

Arafat really died in Lebanon when Israeli helicopters attacked a civilian ambulance carrying Arafat. I have pictures to prove it.

beakerkin said...


Queen has become part of American pop culture. Mercury was a talent cut short, but his music will live on. In your face Jihadis.

Mr B

There is extensive evidence that Arafat was gay. However, he did not lift a finger to help his kind.
Moreover, his gayness was at best a tangent to a man who was a thief
and a murderer.


Welcome to the blog. There is a genuine 167, a gay anti-semite who
says all of these things. He is funny, but hasn't figured out people are laughing at him yet.

beakerkin said...


A genuine Queer Eye for the Jihadi Guy would be an improvement. Severing heads and blowing things up are evil and very messy. It is very dificult to wear white when one is engaging in messy anti social behavior.

The response of the Jihadis would probably be to commit the same evil acts wearing olive.

beakerkin said...

I think we should play Freddy Mercury's greatest hits in Gitmo.
WE WILL ROCK YOU, you blood thirsty intolerant savages.

Mercury was not Muslim, but descended from Zoroastrians.

Always On Watch said...

Funny dialogue you created. LOL.

I don't know if Arafat was gay, but I'm pretty convinced that he had homosexual encounters--not all that unusual in the Arab world, despite the severe punishments mandated by shari'a law. Or so I've been told by several who spent extended time in Saudi and other Islamic countries.

167 has also praised Saudi and Iranian justice that executes homosexuals. According to 167, all those accused in Iran and Saudi Arabia were pedophiles and deserve to die.

How stupid is THAT?

Purple Avenger said...

It is very dificult to wear white when one is engaging in messy anti social behavior.

You'd think they'd go with a white plastic poncho. Then you could just hose off after the messy stuff and be ready for the disco in a jiffy.

beakerkin said...

Purple Avenger: I am sure someone is trying to make a buck of your idea.

AOW: Rob Bayn is a patriotic Liberal. He loves his country but thinks the war is a bad idea. 167
spent several hours trying to convince Rob and Justin the USA and Israel are the most evil places on the planet.

Problem 1 Justin Travels and has eyes.

Problem 2 Rob Bayn is not stupid and has a coherent thought process.

I treat Bayn's antiwar sentiment differently because it is obvious he loves his country. I wish the vast majority of anti war advocates were 1/10 as noble as Rob, but it isn't so.

Always On Watch said...

Rob Bayn is a patriotic Liberal. He loves his country but thinks the war is a bad idea.

Rob and I disagree on a few points, but agree on others. As you know, I have no problem with dissent from a patriot.

Freedomnow said...

Mercury was not Muslim, but descended from Zoroastrians.

Yes, he was descended from the people of the great Persia of old, now a protectorate of the Islamic empire.

His Iranian ancestors were kicked out of their own land by Islamist colonizers. But these decendents are not refugees and have no right of return.

Might Makes Right,
When you arent White!!!!!!!!!

(the official slogan of the New Order)

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

It's pretty much common knowledge that Yasser Arafat was a queer. He was also a tool of the KGB in forming the PLO.

So, when Beak said "Gay Communist Anti-Semite" the first thing that popped into my mind was Arafat.

beakerkin said...

Freedom glad you mentioned that. The far left seem to spit at the rights of the real indigenous people. They are obsessed with every Arab and Muslim gripe and say zero about Zoroastrians, Jews and Christians.