Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Qana the questions linger.

The questions and story at Qana keeps changing. We were told sixty victims and now we are told twenty eight. Bodies do not get rigamortis in seven hours. Traditional burial is in the village but the bodies were driven to Tyre. There appears to be a lack of dust on the rescuers. The same child a little girl is held through several clothing changes of Mr Green Helmet.How does the man seen wailing in a white shirt emerge with a child from the ruble and remain spotless.

I spent two hour on the EU blog an am convinced this was a fraud. Buildings do not collapse without dust.Do note that if the bodies were moved it is a guess as to how the children died. To blame Isreal in the face of a media fraud is a joke.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Happens all the time. See Always On Watch's Pallywood video post.

It's like seeing the full length of the Rodney King arrest video where crack boy ignored tasers, lunged at law enforcement officers and tried to snatch a gun out of a holster, thusly getting his beatdown. You'll come away marveling at the LA cops' restraint.

But get only a snapshot of that, and you can cause riots.

Always On Watch said...

Rodney King? Oh, yes. I know a bit about that because my inlaws are in southern CA.

Rodney King had a long history of incidents, many of which didn't result in arrests or charges because everybody in the area knew that he was a crackhead. In fact, many of the locals felt sorry for him--until he "overstepped."

Images on videotape can be so powerful. The tape can also be edited, of course, to "narrow down" both the picture and the message.

Justin said...

Buildings dont collapse with out dust. People dont go into basements of collapsed buildings with out emerging filthy.

When this story broke I thought it was a staged media event and the more it has developed I am certain it is a staged event. Hezbollah killed those people and then called the media. It is well know that terrorist know the value of video.

The media and the U.N. are complicit in this event. Both are as guilty as Hezbollah who murdered innocent children. I wont say innocent women because they were old enough to know who and what these people were that they protected.

Hezbollah is the murder and the U.N. is aiding and abeting them in their murders.

beakerkin said...


This may sound unpopular but there are plenty of basements in erect basements that are dusty. If one doubts me lay carpet in a basement with a white shirt and see what color the shirt ends up. The notion of digging for bodies in a colapsed buiding and emerging wailing with a little boy the same one held by Green helmet is unthinkable. This Greeen helmet individual has several poses where he is holding a dead child like a trophy.

The Merry Widow said...

Sick, sick, sick! Causing and using these children, there is a special place in hell for these monsters! To revel in death...


nanc said...

seeing is sometimes not believing...

Mad Zionist said...

Jenin, anyone?

MissingLink said...

Not to mention that those gunuine bodies shown on some of those pictures were NOT from Qana.

Look, Muslims are very good at cheap theatrics.

Like beggars pretending to be crippled.
Do you realize that they hire professional 'crying ladies'(professional mourners) for funerals?

beakerkin said...

Felis I do know about the professional crying ladies.

I do not know if you have read the whole EU blog but I have. I also listened to the John Batchelor show in NYC via the Net. John Loftus pointed out the bodies were removed to Tyre. The local custom is to bury people in family plots and they would be local.

The numbers are all over the place the initial report was seven then 53 and now down to 28.

Always On Watch said...

I posted the following in a comment to my own blog:

'Disabled children [were] placed inside building' at Qana...

Tiberge translates the argument of a purported French nurse/blogger to speculate that Hezbollah are murdering disabled children for the cameras:
I am a registered nurse, with long years of experience with multiple-handicapped children and with older dependent persons. During the nightly news Sunday night, on TF1 TV, about the young victims of Qana, my attention was drawn to the abnormal posture of a dead child on a stretcher.

This child's arm was turned upward with the hand totally turned down. This posture is typical of the tendon contractions that occur in multiple-handicapped bed-ridden children, or those in a wheel-chair. I examined as best I could the other corpses shown in the report, and I was surprised to note that each one of them had signs of being handicapped (feet turned inward, knee and hand deformities...)

Justin said...

These people are beyond sick. What other human species straps bombs on their children and tells them to go pull the trigger.

I notice none of these parents strap on bombs and pull the trigger. I notice Nastyrali doesnt strap one on and go pull the trigger.

None of these yo yo's (and yes that means what your imagination tells you it means) lead by example of strapping on bombs.

Like most biggots they talk the talk but dont walk the walk.

MissingLink said...

Some of the 'bodies' aren't bodies but living people/children.
Those that look dead developed rapidly fairly advanced stages of rigor mortis and the 'handlers' are trying to stay away from them.

BTW Beak, Have a look ar this latest Ambulance comedy -

Anonymous said...


Cute pictures.

Do they really paint Assymetric crosses on their vans?

Do missiles/bombs not scrape off RED paint when they go through a painted surface??

Why then, does ONE of the bullet holes in the RED apparently show paint chipping??

It isn't often that bullets are flying STRAIGHT DOWN. Usually they are at an angle. Helicopters and c-130 gunships, which have flex mounted cannon and machine guns, rarely shoot straight down and fighter/bombers rarely play Stuka and dive straight down to shoot missiles or fire.)

With that many holes the interior should be chewed up pretty badly, not just the roof liner!!

I love the fact that the interior of the van (as mentioned in the post) shows NO DAMAGE under the big hole in the roof!!!! No smoke stains or burn marks...

Oh, and if there is an explosion IN the van, don't the windows blow OUT!?!?! (well, maybe someone pushed the windshield back in instead of throwing it away?)


I would love to know the story about how it got in this condition!!!

MissingLink said...

If you look closer you'll find that the bullet hole edges are covered with old rust.
And of course the missile didn't get through the floor of the van.
The question remains - who in the blue F%$^K stole the rocket before it exploded?
Perhaps the Joooos did it again? No?

Anonymous said...


I am close to colorblind. If there is rust there it just looks like paint to me. That's why I questioned why only one bullet hole clearly showed the paint chipping around the holes I expected to see in the Cross area!!

To me it looked like the Red Cross was painted on AFTER the holes were made, except for the one hole!! The odd shape of the cross and how nice and shiny it was, compared to the rest of the paint, looked odd also.

You are RIGHT!!! Rust over the chipped areas in a dry climate would make one doubt they were RECENT!!!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

"Palistinians" have often smuggled weapons, up to and including Qassam rockets, in "legitimate" UNRWA ambulances, with UNRWA approval, up to and including drivers. Israeli UAV drones have filmed this many times.

If the best their propagandists can come up with is a makeshift "war crime" scene, Israel has years of reconnaisance video truth to refute it.

But before we pick the nits out of this vomit further, let's stop and marvel at the ironies of a terrorist group using terrorist tactics crying foul about the Duchess of Queensbury rules to the refs as they tuck the brass knuckles back in their tights.