Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Reason You have Biased Reporting From The Middle East

The abduction of two Fox News reporters from the PA illustrates why there is a problem. The PA is a thugocracy and Western News agecies fill the void with locals.
These locals spin the news rather then report the facts.

The newest excuse for the Qana fiasco is that Arab media have different standards then Western Media. This is correct in that Arab media is mostly state sponsored or rigidly controlled like the former Soviet Union or Cuba. Most of the news has to go through censors and the degree of censorship varies.

Thus the liberal clods defending the obvious staged theatrics at Qana have a brand new excuse. Holding up dead children as trophies is common in Arab media. This was one of the excuses for the obvious staged theatrics at Qana. One can read this idiocy at the EU referendum blog that has done an excellent job on the story.

The absurd claims that Green Helmet is just another resue worker is fairly typical of the AP and Reuters which are guilty of negligence. The situation is created by the use of locals who cooperate with Hezbollah staging these events.

The following questions still remain unanswered

1 Why has the Red Cross not released the names of the victims.
2 Why were the bodies taken to Tyre if the custom is local burial
3 How did a building Colapse eight hours after an Israeli Airstike that did not touch the building?
4 How do people who were freshly dead get advanced rigamortis?
5 How do these personel unearth these bodies and remain clean. There is one clown in a white T shirt and Green helmet has no dirt?

It is fairly obvious that this is yet another staged event like the 2000 dead at Jenin. The hysterical anti semitic far left whines about dem joos and claim after claim is proven false.

The time has come to place news from the Arab world under scrutiny. If Arab thugs insist on kidnapping reporters the result should be a news blackout. The reports of stringers have been proven unreliable far too many times.


Mr. Ducky said...

...why does the IDF crap chocolate ice cream and piss perfume.

About 150 Israeli csualties and most of them were military. Hardly the case on the other side. Call it what you will but this little Iranian dry run to see how the population would react to the bombing trying to get them to turn on Hezbollah has failed.

Once more Likud shows itself to be a rogue state with no concern for life. No better than the most extrem Arabs in the Middle East shithole Israel has helped create.

Brooke said...

News reports like these from Arab countries should not be given air time in America; allowing these obviously false images to be aired for the mouth-breathing liberal masses to consume is only furthering Arab propaganda, free of charge for them.

beakerkin said...

Here we go with more of the Duck's communo anti semitism.

Hezbollah started the war and hides behind civilians. It also stages elaborate photo ops mainly for Communoanti semites like the Duck.

It is fairly obvious that a shell game of some sort happened at Qana.
Has 167 who wrote a screaming hysterical post acknowledged his error. Has the Duck even got the number of people killed at Jenin right. We should hardly be surprised at this point.

The Duck lacks the faculties to understand why the casualties are so high.

1 Do not let people launch missiles from your locale.

2 The civilians were warned to leave something Hezbollah never does.

Thank you for demonstrating Communists are just another variant of redneck with good pr.

Mr. Ducky said...

Why did Israel invade?

It's clear this little exercise has gained nothing and, like Blair, Olmert has discovered that being a puppet of the Clown Car Administration is a dead end, but why do it?

Some possibilities:

1. Give Assad a chance to tell the west to go pound sand.

2. Find out that a militia armed primarily with modified bottle rockets can take out your armor.

3. Get Netanyahu a shot at Prime Minister.

4. Give Chucklenuts a chance to watch civilians get killed and their stuff blown up.

5. Tune up for Iran and see if the population might turn on the mullahs after a thorough pounding of the infrastructure.

I think it was clearly number five which turned out to be a huge misjudgment with the first four being unanticipated aftermath(well 4 was anticipated).

nanc said...

scenario beak:

they kidnap FOX reporter and treat him like gold - turn him loose without a squabble and the world will think terrorists are real peachy people! (wink)

Anonymous said...

Little Che Sucky MORON:

You Quack a lot and it is all negative.

When are you going to offer a leader(s) who will be able to do better than the people we support??

When are you going to explain this BETTER WAY that will make everything GOOD??

So far all you have managed is to spout Doctrine that has been proven wrong ON THE BODIES OF WELL OVER 100,000,000 PEOPLE.

Step right up GENIUS!! Tell us all about the people and plans you know so much about that would have prevented all these terrible things our guys have caused!!


You know you have lost before you even start and THAT IS WHY YOU ONLY SNIPE AT THE GUYS DOING IT SOMEWHAT RIGHT!!!



beakerkin said...

Ducky Israel invaded because it was tired of the daily provocations of terrorist thugs. Unlike Communist regimes ( that you are an apologist for) there were no alternative reasons for Israels actions.

Now the real question is why the Duck who is sooooo concerned with human rights is an appologist for Islamonazism?

Speaking of transfers how about we send you, John Brown and all of the American Communists to live with Fidel.If you promise to act now we will throw in Coppertone.

Improve America deport a Communist today.

Beamish in 08

Anonymous said...


On topic, I couldn't agree with you more. We have seen this same scenario in every conflict we have been engaged in.

The reporters allowed freedom to SEE what is going on are on board with our enemies and write propaganda for them.

The reporters who make any attempt at honest reporting are threatened and expelled, if not injured and jailed(kidnapped)!!

Reporting from a war zone that is not completely open should not be allowed.

Anonymous said...

Little Che Sucky LYING COWARD piddles:

"About 150 Israeli csualties and most of them were military. Hardly the case on the other side..."

So the Lying Coward continues to imply that the Israelis targeted civilians.

Lying Coward, did you check all the bodies to verify they were civilians?? I would shut my lying beak until we get the demographic information if I were you!!

In Iraq we found that 70% of the CIVILIAN deaths were ADULT MALES proving either the people who reported casualities lied or that you JUST CAN'T TELL WHETHER A DEAD BODY IN CIVILIAN CLOTHES IS A COMBATANT OR NOT!!!!

That's right Lying Coward, keep spouting you filth. No one here believes it anyway and we will continue to make sure that you are called on all your LIES so browsers know it also!!!!!

Little Che LYING COWARD, when will you stop killing babies?? You and your brethren IslamoNazis continue to put babies amongst military equipment and installations without making them viewable causing Israelis to kill them. This is extremely despicable even for a LYING COWARD like you!!



Little Che Sucky the LYING COWARD BABY KILLER!!!! You don't even rate being a MORON anymore.

I suppose the next thing you will get up to is molesting those dead babies and blaming it on BUSH.

Quack Bush made me molest the dead babiesQUUUUAAAAACCKKK!!!!


Always On Watch said...

I don't know if it came to fruition, but Al-Jazeera was going to establish a station in Washington, D.C.

beakerkin said...

Maybe the Duck will switch from CNN
or the BBC.

Purple Avenger said...

If Arab thugs insist on kidnapping reporters the result should be a news blackout.

I was thinking more along the lines of a seal team snatching some of the high level Hamas factotums.

beakerkin said...

Purple Avenger

Do notice that Ashley Banfield was not snatched. I could see the perplexed Jihadis is this a man or woman.

The notion that Hammas is looking for the reporter is silly as one of their thugs is the culprit.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

For once I agree with Ducky. Israel should have destroyed entire cities, wiped out entire military forces, rounded up insurgents and immolated them with flaming gasoline-filled tires around their necks, and crushed the rest under tank treads.

You know, like respectable members of the UN Security Council would.

Anonymous said...

Naaaaahhhh Mr. Beamish, they only have wet dreams about doing stuff like that!!

Russet Shadows said...

I don't think the Left even believes what they post anymore. Ducky is a prime example of that. I find it hard to believe that the Left is so dishonest as to think that Bush is itching for a chance for civilians to die. How they can believe that and call it bad, yet turn around and mass-murder infants and call it good, amazes me. But consistency is the weak point of modern liberalism.