Monday, August 14, 2006

From the Sons of Treason Lets Second Guess Rudy G for 9-11

Renegade Eye is like Duncy a polite Communist who seeks the same goals as John Brown but has more social skills. Communists in reality are treasonous criminals who are apologists for a failed gennocidal system. The humor of an advocate for a system that produced 100,000,000 dead and such classic hits as planned starvation, killing fields, gulags, boat people, mines that look like toys to name a few wants to second guess Rudy Guliani for 9-11.

The Mayors handling of 9-11 has been praised by far left critics such as Lynne Samuels and Ron " Commie" Kuby. The flotsdam Chirac who the Sons of treason praise also praised Guliani. The entire civilized world praised the leadership of Rudy G who is a genuine hero. While Rudy was leading what was Hilary Clintoon doing. She concocted a story about Chelsea jogging blocks away from the WTC. In reality she was nowhere near the Trade Center and 5 miles North on Park Avenue South. The media just let this pass as more Clintoon lies. Bill Clintoon blamed 9-11 on slavery, mistreatment of Indians and the Crusades. Excuse us the United States was not even a
thought at the time of the Crusades. The Arabs probably sold many of the blacks into slavery and are still practicing it today. The notion of Muslims being outraged by the mistreatment of indigenous people is a sick joke to anyone familiar with the history of Islam a colonial pathology with a certified record of human rights violations that rivals communism itself.

Lets see the mayor used 9-11 as a continual photo op according to Renegade Eye. The mayor reassured a frightened nation and world that everything was under control. The main critique is that the emergency headquarters should not have been at the WTC and the radios should have been better. Pardon me we can second guess any administration with a plethora of doomsday scenerios. NYC under Guliani was a well run city that has endured blackouts, hurricanes, blizzards as a normal city should be prepared for.
9-11 was an act of warfare carried out by religious thugs acting in the name of Islam. What else should the mayor prepare for Grizzly Bears, Klingons, Communist infiltration of our educational system, KFC shortages and every request of Sarah Jessica Parker for police escorts.

These are the same people crying don't blame Mayor Nagin. Well the Mayor of New Orleans is not to blame for the Katrina mess. Many of those dollars went to more important projects like the Big Dig. The Mayor of New Orleans showed no leadership
and is guilty on that level. The New Orleans Police Department was shown to be poorly led and corrupt.

A general rule of thumb when dealing with Commies is that the opposite of what they write is the truth.

Mr Beamish in 08


Justin said...

These people will never admit that had their boy Clinton done his job as he should instead of sexing up the oval office we would not have had the problem to begin with.

He allowed Cobar Towers, the USS Cole and the American embassies in africa to go up in smoke and when he had the chance to take out Ossama he didnt because some little prince from the UAE was in the tent with him. Hmmmm wonder if Ossama was playing the part of Monica. :)

Justin said...

These people will never admit that had their boy Clinton done his job as he should instead of sexing up the oval office we would not have had the problem to begin with.

He allowed Cobar Towers, the USS Cole and the American embassies in africa to go up in smoke and when he had the chance to take out Ossama he didnt because some little prince from the UAE was in the tent with him. Hmmmm wonder if Ossama was playing the part of Monica. :)

beakerkin said...

In fairness Renegade Eye or Toutsky can hardly be labeled traditional Democrats. They are actual seditious communists and are quite open about their sympathies.

The Merry Widow said...

Armchair generals generally don't have a life and never did anything to "earn" their positions! I blow them off, because that's all they're worth! Unfortunately, the msm and the leftistas just love the spouters of nonsense! Ominous times, look up for our salvation draws nigh.
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Always On Watch said...

Your second paragraph is a gem! Glad that I set down my coffee before reading this particular posting.

As you know, I'm not from NYC, so before 9/11, all that I knew of Mayor Giuliani was (1) his marital problems and (2) the broken-windows theory. But what I saw from Mayor Giuliani on and after 9/11--especially the refusal of the Saudi prince's check--made me admire him. The man is a hero--a hero with a heart. He attended those funerals not for photo ops but in his capacity as mayor. Anything less would have been a cop-out, IMO.

The ones using 9/11 as a photo op were the Clintons and various celebrities, obviously self-serving. Made me want to puke.

We're going to hear a lot of trashing of Rudy Giuliani, especially if he makes a run for the Presidency.

If Beamish for some reason is not on the 08 ballot, I'd vote for Giuliani. I don't agree with him on every issue, but I see him an an American patriot.

Mr. Ducky said...

Now, after 9-11 what did Giuliani do that any other mayor would not have done?

Other than bilk the shareholders of Taser out of millions through his bagman Bernie Kerik.

Just what has Giuliani done other than insure that first responders didn't have adequate communication gear?

I'm used to fascists not answering, beak so see if you can come up with something specific other than "Bernie's a hero".

Mr. Ducky said...

justin, about the Cole. It is policy not to embark on a military adventure just before an election. The decision to respond is left to the winner.

As you know, Chucklenuts Bush did nothing to respond to the Cole. Just as he let security in general slide.

Now just what was he supposed to do about Khobar. The Saudis grabbed the perps and beheaded them before we could interrogate them. Were we supposed to offend our friends the Saudis.

What did you want to do after the embassy bobings (which primarily killed Africans), invade Tanzania?

Fact remains that the worst terrorist strike on American soil happened while Chucklenuts wasn't paying attention.

Looks like Israel got stuffed in Southern Lebanon and wants someone to come in and clean up their mess again, huh?

beakerkin said...

The Bird Brain speaks

Lets see the Arabs go crying for a cease fire but Duncy is deluded into thinking Hezbollah won. This is why you need to have Mr Beamish
analyze the news for you.

" Hey Dummy stick to Dear Abby and Malard Filmore"

As far as your odd attempts to smear a genuine hero. There is not one scrap of evidence that links Guliani with any of Kerik's scandals. Moreover Kerik was a dedicated public servant who did an excellent job unlike out of town Lee Brown or the NO police Chiefs.

Then again a person who sees nothing wrong with meeting with the enemy while a member of the US Naval Reserve or manslaughter in Chapaquidick is not to be taken seriously. There is far more evidence of malfeasence with Hillary's book deal but I digress.

A communist should note that genuine Fascists are morally superior to the communism you espouse.

We can second guess any administration but even Commies such as Ron Kuby praised Guliani and Kerik's handling of 9-11. In fact the jerk in France paid homage to Rudy G. This is more Marxist Sour Grapes. I suppose you would rather run Daniel Ortega for President.

Seriously can you cange that avatar. It does look like Carlos the Jackal.

Mr. Ducky said...

What did Giuliani (aka "Struttin' with My Chippy") do on 9-11 that any other mayor would not have done?

His claim to fame is face time while Chucklenuts Bush ran and hid.

Put up or shut up. What did he do that was exceptional.

Try to answer without reference to the Kennedy's. I know it's tough for you fascists to deal on a factual level but give it a try, beak.

beakerkin said...

Lets take this slowly Bush did not run and the cameras were on NYC where Rudy G personally led the effort and directed a competant team of professionals. In NYC unlike a Communist Antropology Department skilled leaders with professional credentials are the norm.

The entire world including Chirac and Ron " Commie" Kuby praised the mayors leadership. The nation did not look to Hillary who tried to interject herself. The world turned to Rudy whose skilled administration including Kerik starred.

I will add Rep Barney " Brothel " Frank to the list of ethically challenged MA clowns that have far more to answer for then Kerik. All of the above have done nothing for the nation while Kerik is a hero.

Mr. Ducky said...

Once again, what did Giuliani do that another mayor of a large city would not have done? What did he do that was exceptional?

beakerkin said...

He led and organized a proficient staff. This is not so easy ask the Mayor of New Orleans, David " Crown Heights" Dinkins or any other Mayor. NYC with the exception of Dinkins usually is well led.

Guliani's leadership was hailed world wide.His 24 hour days battling cancer were a tribute to the Mayor NYC residents love and America came to admire.

However a person who is a fan of Fidel Castro and Daniel Ortega is not a person whose opinion counts.

The whole world praised Guliani's handling and leadership including anti American far left types. This sour grapes is quite amusing.

Ask an American if there is a crisis do you want Rudy or John Kerry at the helm? Rudy is the real deal and it kills you. Gomer Kerry and Hillary have never run a thing.

President Guliani or Bloomburg has a nice ring. In fact a Guiliani Lieberman ticket rules. Lieberman is leading Red Diaper Lamont in the polls.

Anonymous said...

The Little Che Sucked Duck pleads:

"Now, after 9-11 what did Giuliani do that any other mayor would not have done?"

As was already mentioned above, Mayor Nagin is the perfect example of what just any corrupt US mayor would do. Blame everyone else in the country for their own lacks and run away from the problems while everyone else tries to DO SOMETHING!!!

Mayor Giuliani did what any intelligent Mayor would do who cares about his city and the people that inhabit it. Work with everyone and FIX THINGS!!!

Little Che Plucked Ducky can't even come up with anything but a sorry joke on this one!!!


You Little Che Sucky MORON

Anonymous said...

Little Che Sucky Ducky shows his feathers supporting Hizbulla's great propaganda victory.

You really disappoint me Little Che Sucky. I thought you cared about the environment for the PEOPLE to live peacefull in. Thanks to the BIG BAD BRAVE HIZBULLA baby killers who also burned down huge areas of northern Israel, the forests and orchards painfully brought back from eradication by the Palis.

I hear it will take about 60 years to restore the devastation by Hizbully of the environment. With a little help the fuel spill caused by bombing the tanks will be done and over with in a year or two (providing we don't wait for Hizbully to clean it up).

Thank your buds for another wonderful experience for Mother Earth Little Che Sucky!!!


You Little Che Sucky MORON!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way Little Che Sucky,

even after the cease fire, and Hizbully declaring a GREAT VICTORY, we are still getting reports of the MORONS DIEING!!!

How do you die if your enemy has stopped firing and isn't attacking you???? You attack them???


You Little Che Sucky MORON!!!!

Mr. Ducky said...

What did Rudy Giuliani di that any other mayor would not have done?

beakerkin said...



Rudy is a natural leader who picked an elite staff. There are no Janet Renos, Sandy Burglars or Madeline Albrights on team Rudy or Bloomburg.

Always On Watch said...

Have you read Giuliani's Leadership?

beakerkin said...


I have an autographed copy somewhere but never got around to reading it. However seeing Communists like Duncy and Renegade squirm with jealousy I may serialize it.

Mr. Ducky said...

An elite staff? Why didn't the first responders have adequate radio equipment. if it had been available not nearly so many would have died when the tower collapsed.

What did Giuliani do that was exceptional?

What preparedness was displayed in NYC that was exceptional?

Was Bernard Kerik exceptional? Wasn't he replaced by the head of the Boston Police who performed under a Democratic administration?

Speaking of Madeline Albright. have you checked out our current Sec. of State? The dumb cooze was wandering around the Middle East trying to find someone to talk to her while the Israeli Army was screwing up and waiting for someone to bail them out.

Mr. Ducky said...

Let's review for the benefit of Beak and Mr. "Anonymous" von Clausewitz.

If certaind emands (removal of Hezbollah from south of the Litani River and removal of Israeli forces altogether, extension of Lebanese government authority and army in the south, insertion of major international force), are successful, then Israel might claim a victory of sorts. Hezbollah would not have been crushed but it might have been contained.

But the potential for a prolonged and messy guerrilla war is huge and if that happens, Israel would have lost.

So the probablity favors a loss with best result being close to a draw. One thing this does do is demonstrate the deficiencies of military force in a situation like this. Israel couldn't get it done. I will admit that by firing cluster ordnance the IDF demonstrated that they are war pigs like everyone else but hardly an effictive force in the region.

beakerkin said...

More nitpicking from the advocates of Marx. Lets see 9-11 was an act of war and psychic friends network doesn't work.

You might ask why Bill Clintoon decided to reject the Sudanese offer. You might ask why Bill Clintoon also refused to give the men in Somalia armor.

War is a military matters deal with uncertainty. A real foe is not a thoughtless predictable communist drone.

Team Guliani was a crack staff. Team Bloomburg has Levy at the Board of Ed that mars an otherwise good staff.

Back to your focus on Israel the Arab world and the Commies have been crying for a cease fire because Israel is looooosing. Not quite Duncy and have no fear Nasrallah will violate the terms and it will be business as usual. The Arab world has some creative definitions of victory akin your Marxist starvation is liberation.

beakerkin said...


Lets see are you reading Mickey Dolenz's art of War. Hezbollah has been crying for a ceasefire since the thing started.

They are removed from the Litani River and get French troops to teach them how to surrender. Sorry there Duck it is wishful thinking an the mere presence of a want to be guerilla force but in reality terrorist who hide behind babies and stage faux massacres is no victory. Hezbollah is not viable and even with Iranian and Syrian soldiers they got waxed.

It seems Israel may be holding Iranians now.

Kyle said...

funny how, in the 1980's I admired John McCain as a libertarian of the Goldwater variety. I disliked Giuliani, I saw him as an ambitious opportunist who used high profile indictments to lever his way to power.

Now I see that I was pretty much 180 degrees wrong about the two.

Anonymous said...

Little Che Sucky Ducky,

Why didn't any othe Mayor Nagin use his buses to assist with the evacuation of NO.

Why did any other Mayor Nagin block the Red Cross and other responders from entering NO to help the people flooded out.

Why did any other Mayor Nagin ignore the Democratic Party corruption and ecoelites that prevented the maintenance and improved
levies from being done by the Corps of Engineers causing the disaster that a Class 3 Hurricane should not have caused.

Ok Plucked Duck, tell us how many Republicans are elected in the City and State of New York that control the money to provide all the services you are complaining weren't up to par??

Tell us how much money is WASTED on corruption and SOCIAL programs that provides with more miseducated people yearly in ALL the large Democratically controlled cities!!!

You might also explain how all the other cities in Louisiana, Texas, and Alabama, some of whom actually got higher winds and rain, were able to do soooo well compared to any other Mayor Nagin, who is apparently your hero since you can't seem to be bothered with bad mouthing him even though he presided over a much worse ecological and humanitarian disaster due to Democratic Party ignorance and corruption!!!!


You Little Che Sucky Moron, if you even had sh!t for a brain you would be ahead of the diahrea coming out of your cranium today!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, and Little Che Sucky,

I do not claim a victory for Israel. The soldiers spent their blood and gave better than they got. They destroyed a lot of Iranian and Syrian armnaments, killed hizbully at a rate of about 10 to 1, and drove them back.

As in many US engagements, the LEFTY MORONS in the gubmint then sold them out and RAN!!!!!

Yes, it is a great propaganda victory for hizbully for the reasons you mention. Israel did not destroy hizbully, did not destroy all their missiles, and have not guaranteed they won't be able to continue burning Israeli forests, grazing land, and orchards, not to mention cities, tomorrow.

As far as guerilla warfare, they have been trained pretty well as infantry. I will wait to see if they can actually perform as guerillas.

The good part is that the next time hizbully hits Israel, they can be hit back JUST LIKE THIS TIME!!!!! And the Lebanese army that apparently has a lot of hizbully sympathizers will be shot to pieces also if they try to interfere!!!!!


Any bets as to what UNIFIL or the French/German/Belgium/... troops will do in that instance???

Ya think they'll jump in to get between homicidal maniacs like hizbully and IDF???



Keep on quacking cause you QUACK ME UP!!


Turn the tank around and run Menachem, the French are hiding in their observation post!!!!! They might accidentally fire a weapon and hurt themselves!!!! FLEEEEEEEEE!!!!


PS: did you see the report where people returning home TO sOUTHERN lEBANON were blown up by "unexploded ordinance??" Apparently hizbully booby trapped the villages they left. What humanitarians.


Warren said...

Nostradumbass, what do they do with the left over brains of you guys after the Marxist lobotomy?

I mean, surely in your eyes, Rudy must have knew about the attack beforehand and cold heartedly refused to replace all of the communication gear in NYC. Everybody was expecting that attack, right?

I mean it wasn't like NO where they had no idea this could happen, so rather than waste all that Federal money on levee improvements put it to good use like lining the pockets of the Party faithful. I'll bet you're glad that good ol Ray kept them from putting unnecessary mileage on those school busses and thus saved the day.

Duck, you're a waste of air and skin!

You have absolutely no idea what it takes to manage a crisis of that magnitude.

Anon was wrong, you aren't a Che sucky moron, you're a low grade moron!

Always On Watch said...

You should serialize Leadership.

I've read the hard copy and listened to it on audio as well.

in the 1980's I admired John McCain as a libertarian of the Goldwater variety. I disliked Giuliani, I saw him as an ambitious opportunist who used high profile indictments to lever his way to power.

Now I see that I was pretty much 180 degrees wrong about the two.

Another result of 9/11--at least, for me.

Justin said...

Mr. Ducky said...
"justin, about the Cole. It is policy not to embark on a military adventure just before an election. The decision to respond is left to the winner."

Again your dumbass left brain was not engaged when you wrote. Your theory of it is policy just before an election is the most assanine statement I have seen out of you.

you simply cannot accept that your boy was a dud when it came to national security. he was the president and election or no election it was his job to respond.

I love how nitwits like you know absolutely zero about policy.

I know your mama thinks your a real wit but shes only half right.

Purple Avenger said...

after 9-11 what did Giuliani do that any other mayor would not have done?

Well at least he was doing coke on video for an FBI camera crew like a certain well known D.C. mayor did.

beakerkin said...

Purple Avenger I wanted to say that but resisted the urge. I was also going to mention bombing a house and burning down a whole section in Philadelphia also,