Thursday, August 10, 2006

Living with 9-11

Many people forget that the world has changed forever on 9-11. The far left in their crass political opportunism mode would have you believe that there is no terrorist threat. The cynical game of the political opportunism of the far left is odious. They hope that we forget what happened on that day. Then the far left tries to utilize anti semitism to boost its thinning powerless ranks.

Most long term readers are aware that I was an eyewitness to the mayhem in lower Manhattan on 9-11 and a survivor of the 93 blast. One may assume that the traumas of those days go away but this is wishfull thinking. There are some wounds that just do not heal with time.

Even in remote Northern VT the reality does hit here as well. There is a nearby military base and the series of low flying jets unnerved me. My boss recognized my shaking hands and lack of focus. It is true that the series of low flying jets did bring back ugly memories of 9-11. I quietly took an early afternoon and left for home and away from the jets.

I do not have the luxury of far left fantasies. A low flying jet or images of more senseless carnage remind me of that day. I am tired of the rationalization games. This terrorism is an act of barbarism and the mindless equivocations about root causes miss the point. We are facing Islamonazism and they do have a fifth collumn of spin miesters like Ducky and John Brown in the USA.

Back to Bernhard Henri Levi and what a real world country does in the face of suicide bombings is depopulate the surrounding villages and rob the terrorists of local support. This is what the Sinhalese did in reaction to the human rights attrocities of the Tamil Tigers who use the very same tactics the Pseudostinians use. The Russians made Grozny uninhabitable for far less then the steady attrocities the Israelis endure daily but even this is not enough for the far left bad joooooos.

If viewed in the proper context there are no Palestinians. There are Arab invaders who have twenty two states allready. The talk of Greater Israel is a cloak for non stop greed for land of Moooslim invaders. Rather then settle their brothers it is better to create generations of human hockey pucks. Lets slap the hockey pucks around and leave them in refugee camps festering for generations.

Any talk of rationalizing barbaric behavior and this callous waste of life is an insult to our intelligence.

Beamish in 08.


Anonymous said...

Those refugee camps preferably being at least 1000 miles from the borders of Israel!!!!

Actually I believe there is a lot of open teritory in Antarctica we could cede to them.

Of course, all publicly televised conversions on Al Jazeera AWAY from Islam would be allowed to settle in warmer climes!!!


nanc said...

beak - i've personally seen a u-2 from a couple of hundred yards away crash into a parking lot and a portion of a building in california. my daughter was eyewitness to the pilot ejecting and the cockpit not opening so he was dead on the spot when the door finally opened and his body was ejected several blocks from the crash - it is still etched in my memory as if it happened moments ago. i know how you feel.

The Merry Widow said...

Horrors are with us for life. They may not be as immediate as they once were, but they are in the memory bank! They show up when we least expect it! I don't have the trauma of seeing, hearing and smelling of it Beaker, but the memory of 9/11 is with me, I know where I was and the sense of unbelieving horror as I watched the second plane hit! I was with a group of Christians at my car repair shop, we stopped and prayed! I can still feel the emotions now, so what you deal with is very much on my heart!
There is NO EXCUSE for what they did and are still doing! On BadEagle I asked where the men are to stand up and say "Enough!" this is evil deal with it as evil! Call it what it is and just deal with it!


Anonymous said...

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